Walk the Line (Pathways)

Walk the Line (Pathways)

Walk the Line (Pathways) 1920 1080 Hope City Church

We want church to be so much more than a gathering; we’re building a hit factory designed to help you become the person God created you to be. We’ve developed clear pathways to help each of you BELONG, GROW, BUILD and then GO. We asked people across our Locations what they love about different parts of the pathways and how they’ve ‘walked the line’ to maximise their life and destiny.

Dinner Parties

Building church and God’s kingdom on Sundays can be busy at times, with setting up and serving on teams each week. It can feel like a really big place with no time to really connect with other people. Dinner Parties have been a great way for me to get connected, build friendships and break down the message from Sunday’s service. I love the different food themes each week and putting my cooking skills to the test!

David – London

Welcome Party

We first found out about Hope City when Pastor’s Karen and Ali ordered from our pastry shop for some church events. When we came to Hope City Accra, everyone we met welcomed us very warmly and something about our interaction with the members just felt real. Once we started attending services we were invited to the Welcome Party. It helped us learn more about the church as a whole, including its purpose, goals and most importantly how we could recreate our experience for others by becoming active members. You definitely can’t stay a stranger very long at this church – we are now part of the Welcome Team!

Kofi & Zuri – Accra

Yes Course

The Yes Course sky-rocketed me from having a desire to learn more, to allowing Jesus and the Holy Spirit to move within and become a part of my everyday life. It gave me a detailed understanding of God, and his plans throughout history as well as all he has planned for the future. I learnt that God wants a relationship with us and that the foundations of a strong relationship is trust, belief and an unwavering commitment of those who want a relationship to work. One analogy that will stick with me forever is that in most religions, you can follow rules and essentially build a staircase to the Father but what the Yes Course taught me is that God is the one building a staircase down to us so that we can join Him. As a result, my life has been far richer in experiences, friendships and happiness.

Alistar – York

Join a Team

I joined Hope City Leeds in September 2017 with no connections to anyone and no plan. Being part of teams has given me a whole new family that I didn’t even know were out there. It has opened my eyes to the way that God can move and it is a joy to be serving alongside people who have such a heart for what they do. Every team is different, but the support and the love that I am surrounded with is always incredible. It’s allowed me to develop and grow in my journey with God and his plan for my life.

Sophie – Leeds


I grew up in a Christian household, but I always lived my life under the spiritual umbrella of my parents, not really having a personal relationship with Jesus. When my dad unexpectedly passed away it changed my life forever. I used everything possible to distract me from the pain, relying heavily on the happiness I would receive from other people. At the time I didn’t realise that all I was doing was running, this wasn’t filling my void but instead masking the hurt and pain. I couldn’t understand why God would take my father from me and my family. In my first year of university, I started attending Hope City Birmingham and had found what felt like my new church home. Baptisms were being announced and I already knew that I did not want to be baptised, I didn’t think that I was ‘ready’. I felt as if I had to obtain a certain level of Christian status before I could do so. When they announced the date of baptisms it landed on my dad’s birthday and I knew this was not by coincidence but was God. Since being baptised I realised God had always been chasing after me and he was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to heal my heart, restore my faith and fill me with joy! Being baptised isn’t what I thought I wanted but God knew it was exactly what I needed and being able to do that on my dad’s birthday turned a memory of sorrow into one of joy which will forever remind me that God’s promise still stands, he is faithful and his love is everlasting. 

Sipho – Birmingham

Discover the Vision

When we did the Discover the Vision lunch, we really enjoyed finding out about the history of Hope City and how the church was formed. We love that the church vision is the same in all the Locations, so we are able to worship wherever we might be on a Sunday.

The preaching is so vibrant and exciting, and we love the friendly atmosphere and being part of a church family. We love attending Hope City Newcastle. The growth in church is so encouraging and we love the enthusiasm of everyone. We look forward to starting to serve in team and love being part of the Dinner Parties.

Duncan & Kathryn – Newcastle

Spiritual Gift Masterclass

I’ve always sort of known what I’m practically good at and what I don’t really enjoy doing. I think from being a kid, you go through life working out what your strengths and weaknesses are. The Spiritual Gifts Masterclass was amazing in that it showed me what my spiritual strengths are. I realised that I have the spiritual gift of discernment, and since doing the class, I have been deliberate in leaning into that gift in my everyday life. It has meant that if I get an inkling about a person or a situation, I now have the confidence that that inkling could well be a whisper from Heaven – and something that I can act on!

Sarah – Sheffield

Discovering Partnership

I love being a Partner in the Vision because it’s like becoming a member of the family. I really feel right at the heart of things; not just serving a vision, but that the vision belongs to me. It’s so cool to get the inside track on where we’re heading so that I’m able to be right at the forefront of taking us in to our great future. To be part of the core of our church, standing together with our Partners and holding up the arms of our Lead and Senior Pastors is a real privilege and I can’t wait to see what unfolds next. 

Cathy – Liverpool 

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