Freshers – Welcome to your new city!

Freshers – Welcome to your new city!

Freshers – Welcome to your new city! 1440 800 Hope City Church

Congratulations to every A Level student receiving results this week – and welcome to your new university city! Now the preparations for uni life truly begin! From booking your accommodation, to that all important IKEA shop, it’s such an exciting time as you move from one chapter to the next.

One of THE most important things you can do in your first couple of weeks at uni, is get planted into the local church!

As one church, all over the place, we have twelve brilliant locations in major university cities. We are a vibrant, exciting church packed full of students and young adults who are passionate about impacting our campuses with the gospel.

If you are making the big move to one of our locations, then we would LOVE to hear from you! Why not pick your city below and get in touch! Our Student Teams would love to grab a coffee with you in Freshers Week, help you move into your accommodation, show you round the city, and bring you along to one of our fantastic Sunday Services.


We can’t wait to meet you!


The Hope City Student Team in: