First Fruits 2015

First Fruits 2015

First Fruits 2015 1440 800 Hope City Church

Be the change you want to see.

First Fruits is our annual Missions Offering. Our opportunity to be the change. Our doorway to impact what God is doing on several frontiers.

First Fruits is all about allowing the faithfulness and blessing of God to continue and increase in our lives. It's all about setting the plumb line for your year ahead. Your future is waiting to line up to the integrity and faith of what you give.

On 27th September & 4th October, we take the plumb line in our hands ready for all that's ahead.

We are the ones we've been waiting for.


This year, you can choose two of five ventures to sow your seed into to create a lasting harvest:

City Hearts Africa £15,000

The vision begins in Accra, Ghana through supporting children through their schooling, providing medical and dental care and helping their families with their home life. The need is pressing. One third of the children in Ghana are compelled into child labour from the age of 4. With so many dropping out of education, they risk a life vulnerable to poverty and abuse, We believe that we can start to change that with your help.

Hope City Frontiers £60,000

Our vision is the great challenge Jesus gave us to 'Go onto all the world' and 'make disciples of all nations'. It's best done through the creation of local church, creating strong leaders and a strong heartbeat for their world. And we believe that multi-site church is the best way to establish that. With your help, we can help Hope City Accra expand their auditorium to seat over 300 people and make room for hundreds of Africans to be saves, healed, restored and released in to ministry. We can see Hope City Kuala Lumpur become a thriving heartbeat of change in the largely Muslim nation of Malaysia, eventually reaching out further into South East Asia. Also, we can see our nearest and newest endeavour, Hope City York, become a reality, touching the lives of thousands in the heart of England.

City Hearts UK £25,000

City Hearts Anti-Trafficking is now one of the biggest UK providers of care to survivors of human trafficking; our expansion this year has been so exciting as we have opened more houses and bed-sits for women and children, as well as men, who have been rescued from the most horrific circumstances. We are so proud to be a part of the answer to the growing global need of caring for this who have no home. Along side them, City Hearts Restore gives individual support and accommodation to vulnerable women who need help to regain freedom from things that are holding them back, moving them forward towards their personal goals, bringing dignity and self-confidence and loving them back to life in a beautiful and practical way.

C3 Global £15,000

The church of God across the world is on the increase and on the move, and we are so proud to be on the front line of that movement as part of C3 Global. With over 350 churches in 64 countries, we know that we are part of something much bigger that Hope City; we have family all over the world and we are exited to come under the visionary leadership of Phil and Chris Pringle. With your support we can see our C3 Global Vision of 1000 locations by 2020 become fully realised.

New Insight Medical £5,000

New Sign, led by Joyce and Henri Samoutou, is committed to restoring sight to thousands of people in the Congo region of Africa. Formerly a part of our Leeds congregation, they've become modern-day missionaries following in the footsteps of the greats like David Livingstone. Through their eye-clinic, they're also introducing people to Jesus and have started church services to support this. This is about more that just healing physical sight, it's about restoring vision for the future.