F is for Family

F is for Family

F is for Family 1920 1080 Hope City Church

Like any good family we are a whole mixture of people, life stages and interests coming together. Our ministries create a space for everyone to find their fit with people running in the same lane. Find out more from people who love them, from all over Hope City!

Whizz Kids

Beverly / Accra

I’ve been with Whizz Kids for a year and half and it’s my perfect fit; teaching and mentoring these amazing little ones. These kids wear you out Sunday after Sunday but by the next Sunday I’m like a mother who has gone through labour – I just yearn to go through it all over again!!! Children, for me, express God’s greatness because while they have no worries at all from their innocence, they still have this very inquisitive mind and the opportunity for me to satisfy this innocent curiosity is such a blessing. I look forward to us making Whizz Kids a model Christ-centred child development centre so that we can create even greater impact than we’ve already done in the community.

Neon Youth

Michelle / Leeds

For the last 4 years, I have chosen to give my Friday nights to Neon Youth because of the overwhelming conviction that this generation needs an encounter with God and Neon does exactly that! As a team we get to watch teenagers overwhelmed with the love of their heavenly Dad. I get to be part of a team that creates such a beautiful culture and atmosphere that breathes life back into each youth’s soul. 

We get the chance to display the delight that we’ve experienced. Neon is a glimmer of hope to a broken generation, banishing the notion that they have to be a certain way for them to be seen, heard, loved or wanted. I am overwhelmed I get to be a part of the lighthouse that helps to guide so many back home.


Julie / Liverpool

Being part of the Student Team at Hope City Liverpool has really helped me to grow stronger in my faith and deeper in my relationship with God. I’ve loved the opportunity to serve in church whilst studying at university. As a self-confessed home bird, the thought of moving away from familiarity to embark on university life seemed extremely daunting, however by being part of the team, I’ve found myself surrounded by a real community, it’s the best support network!

I’m seeing God use our team to inspire and support students throughout their time at university. God’s really at work as we laugh together, share our worries and see our prayers answered! Entering my final year, I am excited about my role of welcoming more new students into the life of Hope City Liverpool. Seeing fellow students gain confidence and step into what God has planned for them during this season is the most exciting thing to witness. Moving to university can be terrifying but knowing that there is a team who are rooting for you to succeed and become all that God wants you to be is amazing!

Young Adults

Kimberley / Sheffield

Serving on the Young Adult team is one of the highlights of my experience within Hope City Church. It’s all about connecting with people and spending one-on-one time with them outside of a Sunday setting in order to build a genuine relationship and grow their interest in church life.

As a team member you gain a sense of responsibility for another person, and they trust you to help them with their spiritual, relational and practical problems. For me, serving on this team has been hugely rewarding.

I’ve seen people come to Christ and have their lives changed, and I’ve made so many new friends. It has helped me learn to love helping others and grow in confidence in speaking with new people and making them feel at home both with me and at church. You feel a great sense of pride and joy for the person you’re mentoring when they have a breakthrough with their situation, and when you see them get increasingly involved in church life. Watching my mentees get baptised has definitely been a high point! This is one-on-one kingdom building. Jesus himself stressed the importance of leaving the 99 to go after the one!

As members of the young adult team, our part in building Church is crucial. We help those we mentor feel like they have a personal connection to church, and through our unconditional love for them, we give them a glimpse of Jesus.

Business Colab

Miran / Sheffield

As a new business starting out on my own, I found networking to be a key component to growing my business. However, I also found that everyone at networking events appears to have the same goal – which is to sell their own business or service. The culture and environment of the Business Colab is very different. With no hidden agendas, the Business Colab aims to provide encouragement, support, and advice; which is very refreshing. I love that the Business Colab helps us to dream bigger.

I come away from events encouraged to believe God for greater things in my business and to hold firm to my convictions, to continually do the right things, which may at times be contradictory to what others may say or do in the cut-throat business world. If you are a new business, established business or a budding entrepreneur, Business Colab will be so refreshing for you. 


John & Susan / Newcastle

As a couple, we love discussing life’s big questions, such as: “what do occasional tables do the rest of the time?” or “do you know another word for thesaurus?”. So we jumped at the chance to facilitate a group which asks: is there more to life than this? It’s such a privilege to host Alpha at Hope City Newcastle, setting a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where people can explore faith and encounter Christ. We’ve found the DVD series to be well presented with sound teaching, thought-provoking questions and humbling testimonies.

It’s a blessing to meet and get to know such a diverse group of people who’ve signed up for the course. It’s not just people who’ve been along to church previously, we’ve also had people who found us online and Alpha has been their first experience of church. We’ve been really encouraged seeing some people who arrived in week one – clearly apprehensive – gradually growing in confidence, finding their voice, passionately engaging in the discussion and then taking the decision to be baptised. It’s definitely increased our faith. Alpha keeps our thinking fresh and relevant as we share with those in our world. 

She Is

Laura / Frankfurt

Here in Frankfurt we have a fantastic group of women involved in the She Is ministry and I love getting to be a part of that team. Everything from Bible studies, social events and breakfasts with the mums, to themed evenings with ministry and lots of fun together, it is such a joy to serve in this area of church. I love being able to connect with women of all ages, from encouraging other mums, to supporting younger women and serving at church on Sundays. 

I have such a passion to see the women of Germany come to know Jesus personally and as a team we get to be a part of this. We have the opportunity to encourage women to keep going, to not give up and to continually pursue all that God has for them. 

A key Bible verse for me is: ‘And let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.’ – Galatians 6:9. This is something I very much believe for our She Is ministry; that in every season as we bring God’s goodness into all we do, we will see many women find belonging, hope and restoration in Christ.


Ryan / Kuala Lumpur

I’ve been part of the worship team for just over 18 months at Hope City KL. I love being part of it because you get to see the congregation grow as you stand on the platform and look out. Seeing people impacted when they come forward to respond to what’s been preached is so humbling and keeps me sensitive to the Spirit of God at work in people’s lives. Being part of serving in the team has brought growth not only to my technical skills, but my faith journey as well.

I’ve learned the importance of investing time to grow in my spiritual capacity, practicing excellence in both my skill and strengthening my relationship with God. This helps me to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, which ultimately improves the quality of genuine worship and not just noise that my team and I are able to offer as a whole.

On top of this, the friendships I’ve formed in the team have been instrumental in my growth as a Christian. Knowing that I’ll always have people who will spur me on and keep me accountable through the ups and downs of my journey. They inspire me to press into God so he can be revealed through me and make it easy for a new person to be caught up in the beautiful presence of God. We set a platform for the service to flow from and it’s an honour to help build that here in KL.  

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