Dream Offering 2015

Dream Offering 2015

Dream Offering 2015 1440 900 Hope City Church

This year, Hope City Church is lining up to make history. Across our 11 locations, we are getting ready for our biggest offering ever to advance the work that God is doing in His house. This is not just an opportunity to give, but an opportunity to impact the future of our cities and the generations to come. Across the world, Hope City represents 2500 people and our goal is for every location to have it’s own place to call home – a permanant place open 7 days a week that becomes the vibrant heartlands of your city and national vision.

For more information about how you can give in your location take a flick through the Dream Offering Brochure .

For our Sheffield location, we are rising up to buy new land for an incredible new facility that will massively serve our city. To find out more, read the Field of Dreams Brochure today.