A Hope Beyond | First Fruits 2018

A Hope Beyond | First Fruits 2018

A Hope Beyond | First Fruits 2018 1080 1080 Hope City Church

“Beyond the border of our minds, beyond the limits of our experiences. For beyond the full extent of our care and the thick walls of our comfort lies.

A Hope Beyond.

A world where thousands dwell, seeking for answers, searching for meaning and striving for more. We are the hands of Christ pushing out the borders, the walls, the limits and reaching into the beyond. Hearts waiting, longing, yearning for more to life and more of us.

This is First Fruits 2018. This is us.”

Every year we seek to raise a substantial offering above and beyond all that we already give to open up our borders and to see the Kingdom of God extended into all of the earth. This year is no exception. It’s a frontier offering, a spiritual transaction and a heart investment. 

Jesus said, ‘Therefore go and make disciples of ALL NATIONS, baptising them in the name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the ages.’ – Matthew 28:19-20

The personal repercussions of your dedication, commitment and sacrifice to walk the ‘second mile’ and to reach out to the nations is highly valued by God and His Kingdom.

As you give, dedicate and sacrifice, you enter even deeper into the promise held in these two verses that will bless and prosper you in return. It will be as if the umbrella of self reliance is taken down leaving you more exposed to both His rain and His reign in your life.

Don’t miss out. Don’t miss a thing.

With love,

Dave and Jenny Gilpin


Read our full brochure to learn more about our goals and what we are giving to this year.

To download the giving form to fill it at home please use the link below.

First Fruits 2018 (Giving form)