Hope City Live

3000 1945 Gomolemo Nyakale

Unboxing Possibilities – Dave Gilpin

4503 3590 Gomolemo Nyakale

The Meaning Of Life – Dave Gilpin

5588 4016 Gomolemo Nyakale

Chaos Theory – Dave Gilpin

5536 4016 Gomolemo Nyakale

Inklings – Dave Gilpin

2000 1753 Gomolemo Nyakale

Slow Is The New Perfect – Dave Gilpin

2000 1201 Gomolemo Nyakale

You Don’t Know You – Dave Gilpin

Our Senior Leaders

Listen to the messages given by our Senior Pastors – Dave & Jenny Gilpin. You can listen to their teachings on Spotify or through iTunes.

For all the messages from our Location Pastors, please head to their individual location pages.