The Accra Adventure – Ali & Karen

The Accra Adventure – Ali & Karen 1400 800 abond

After seven years of creating Hope City Church in the capital of Ghana, Andy and Karen Gorman have returned to Sheffield as champions and Ali and Karen Bianchi have taken…

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Far East Side Story

Far East Side Story 1400 800 abond

Not long ago we sent a small team to start a location of Hope City Church in the teaming, bustling city of Kuala Lumpur under the leadership of Joel and…

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Hope City Stories

Hope City Stories 1440 800 Joseph Dunys

This year we celebrate 25 years of Hope City Church. The past quarter century is packed full of so many memories, fun and incredible things that God has done in…

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New Hope City Magazine

New Hope City Magazine 1440 800 Joseph Dunys

Featuring, Mad Pastors, location updates, real-life stories, words for and from the generations, articles from Dave Gilpin and a feature with the latest from our Kuala Lumpur team (phew!) [issuu]15180859/11071390[/issuu]

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