Going Back is Not Going Backwards – Dave Gilpin

Going Back is Not Going Backwards – Dave Gilpin 1343 1679 Hope City Church

Sometimes you’ve got to go back in order to go forwards. Yet we are all a little scared of going back for fear of going backwards. No one wants to do that. Going back, however, is not the same as going backwards. It’s preparing you for going forwards. God told…

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Upsizing – Dave Gilpin

Upsizing – Dave Gilpin 2048 2560 Hope City Church

What to Do After the Storms are Gone The place where you live and breathe is too small for you. It fitted yesterday, but it doesn’t fit your future. The only way out is to upsize. The prophet said to the woman about to die, go into your neighbours households…

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Self Hate vs Self Love – Dave Gilpin

Self Hate vs Self Love – Dave Gilpin 2560 2130 Hope City Church

To interpret the scripture, ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’ by saying that you must love yourself before you can love another is to sabotage truth. Jesus isn’t saying this. He’s telling us to take our current self obsession with either self hate or self love and turn our…

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Stop Loving You – Dave Gilpin

Stop Loving You – Dave Gilpin 2560 2560 Hope City Church

The Bible never tells us to love ourselves, forgive ourselves or treat ourselves. It says to deny ourselves. And the reasons are excellent- You loving you will prevent God displaying His love for you. Either you do it (which leads to incapacitating worries and doubts) or you leave it to…

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Wild Things Episode 1 – Tebo Mpanza

Wild Things Episode 1 – Tebo Mpanza 1080 1349 Hope City Church

Spliced with comedic moments, Pastor Dave Gilpin, along with four of Hope City’s finest pastors, are on their way to the Scottish border to find out the truth behind one of history’s greatest battles. In the largest battle ever fought between Scotland and England, why did the Scottish lose so…

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Fabulous Faith – Dave Gilpin

Fabulous Faith – Dave Gilpin 1920 1080 Hope City Church

You don’t need breakthrough. You don’t need finance. You don’t need healing. What you need is the key that opens the door to breakthrough. Faith is that solitary key. There is no other key.  It has no feels. It has no emotion. It sees nothing in the natural. Yet it…

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Cry Me A River – Dave Gilpin

Cry Me A River – Dave Gilpin 5546 4016 Hope City Church

Whether you call yourself an introvert, shy, quiet or just plain reserved, there’s a New You that supersedes the Natural You times a thousand. The bible says that you’re not a lake, a pond, a swamp or a flood. You’re a river. Rivers flow. They’re dynamic. They‘re hard to stop.…

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Mending Fences – Dave Gilpin

Mending Fences – Dave Gilpin 3654 3197 Hope City Church

Fences are good- good for privacy, good for personal time and good for protection. To love someone is to love their fence. To love their fence is to allow them space- space to back away, space to hide, space to process and space to find their own convictions on life…

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The Voice Part Two: Express Yourself

The Voice Part Two: Express Yourself 5068 3732 Hope City Church

Express yourself. Why did God ask Adam to name the animals? This would seem a pointless exercise until you remind yourself of the power of names. Names have an ability to fashion, form and frame both the present and the future. It’s happened throughout your lifetime with both positive and…

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Unboxing Possibilities – Dave Gilpin

Unboxing Possibilities – Dave Gilpin 3000 1945 Hope City Church

Right now you’re being unboxed. The box that held in your potential is being torn apart by unrest. To release your potential that releases all kinds of possibilities requires faith. And faith starts with a storm; a chaos and a sense of being out of control. Why? Because faith first…

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The Meaning Of Life – Dave Gilpin

The Meaning Of Life – Dave Gilpin 4503 3590 Hope City Church

To have a life of meaning is the primary driver of human souls. To do this, tables must turn, saying goodbyes must happen, storm clouds are ushered and reinventions begun. That’s why many choose to attempt to live a life of happiness only to discover that on either side of…

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Chaos Theory – Dave Gilpin

Chaos Theory – Dave Gilpin 5588 4016 Hope City Church

Why does all hell seem to break loose soon after you get a word or a feeling that God is about to do a new thing in your world? It would appear to be the workings of an opposing force, yet the truth is that nothing natural or spiritual moves…

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