And I’m feeling good

And I’m feeling good 2560 1707 Hope City Church

I listen to the song ‘ Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone most mornings, usually as I’m getting ready. And as I sing along (very badly I must admit) the lyrics; ‘It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new life for me and I’m feeling good’, encourage, inspire and motivate…

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ARISE : The Latest Release from Hope City Music

ARISE : The Latest Release from Hope City Music 1920 1080 Hope City Church

It’s here! The latest release from Hope City Music – Arise [youtube] [/youtube] Following the success of ‘This is Your Summer’ comes their latest single; Arise. You can find it on iTunes and Spotify, so make sure you’re listening today!  

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Out Now : The River

Out Now : The River 1920 1080 Hope City Church

Announcing the brand new single from Hope City Music – The River. With a summer EP set to release later this year, The River is available on all major platforms including Amazon Play, Google Play and 7Digital. Where to buy the single: 7Digital Napster eMusic

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Creative All In // C3 Music

Creative All In // C3 Music 1440 800 Hope City Church

We are excited to announce that on 11th June we are hosting a C3 Europe Culture of Worship day with Mike and Kelly Taylor (C3 London). This event is designed for all service/meeting teams involved in the worship experience of your church – from the worship leader to the sound engineer.…

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