Let’s Go Party

We have freed up one Wednesday each month* to give you a chance to get out and party (or go for coffee or the cinema…!) with your neighbours, friends, work mates, college mates and anyone else who could do with your friendship and you theirs!

Jesus said in John 7 that “rivers of living water will flow from your inmost being”. He was talking about the Holy Spirit, but because the Holy Spirit is in you, he was also talking about you! He describes you as a river (not a lake or a pond) – and not just a river, but a life-giving river. Rivers are brilliant at not just giving but receiving as well. That’s the true you – someone itching to give out all you’ve received. Make your world feel like a million dollars through your spirit of encouragement and show your world what Jesus is really like through your trustworthiness, authenticity, fun and faith.

You need to party, and this is your opportunity to let your hair down and show the world who you rally are. Plus you’ll make some good friends who can show you a thing or two!

Don’t snuggle up at home with the same friends you’ve always had, but step out into a whole new world – they’ve been waiting for you!

*except for Young Adults and students who will be having their monthly YA Wednesdays – with hang outs afterwards!