Growth Track

We would LOVE to see you at our Growth Track nights, which happen once a month on a Wednesday at 7:30pm. The next dates are:

13/11, 11/12

We care about your walk with God and your faith life, and so this is time intentionally put aside for growth in prayer, freedom, finances and relationships. Our vision is to help you grow strong in your faith journey and to give you both practical help and life skills, as well as give you simple step-by-step solutions to some of life‘s complexities.

We all meet up in Press Coffee, located at the top entrance of the Megacentre, for refreshments and then break off into our groups. There is no need to book online, all you need to do is turn up!

Here are the options:

Recovering You

Our Recovering You courses are split into two – Recovering You for Men and Recovering You for Women. They are a three-part course designed to create an environment of understanding and true freedom through the wisdom and the power of God.

Discovering Partnership

Hope City is held together by hundreds of people who have completed our Discovering Partnership course and then expressed a desire to become a Partner. As a Partner, you get to come up close the heartbeat of the church, be able to be a part of any one of our Dream Teams, become a key player in the success of the vision and attend a quarterly Partners nights and the annual Partners Ball.

Lifestyle Courses

We have two lifestyle courses running simultaneously: the Money Matters Course – for those who want to undo some knots in their finances and learn how to manage money well – and the Marriage Course – which looks at establishing a biblical framework for you and your partner and looks at issues such as how to overcome personality differences, how to argue well and how to get closer despite your differences.

Bible Courses

We have Bible courses running concurrently: the Big Bible Study Course and the Whitefields Leadership Night School. The Big Bible Study Course looks that specific books of the Bible, gives an overview and then digs right in to extract nuggets that will help you enormously. The Whitefields Leadership Night School is for people who feel called into leadership, either in church or in the world, and want to learn first-hand biblical principles, which will accelerate you in both your call and leadership effectiveness.

Open Heaven Prayer

Our monthly Open Heaven Revival Nights are an opportunity for us to come together to grow in prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit as we pray for our community, city and nation. Each night will be around 50 minutes and is the engine-room for the revival of the Church.

Core Christianity

This course is designed to help you get planted and established in your new found Christian faith as we look at subjects such as, who is Jesus? Why did Jesus die? What is the Trinity? What does the Bible say about sexuality? How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?

Power Parenting Course

We know that parenting can be both rewarding and challenging. This course is here to support you and help you bring a strong and secure relationship with your child.