Dream Teams

Dream Teams are exactly what they say on the tin – teams that help the dream of Hope City becoming a fast growing church full of people, connecting to both God and each other.

We have around 13 fortnightly Dream Teams operating on Sundays, as well as 14 voluntary Dream Teams happening throughout the week down at the Megacentre.

You can be any age to be a part of a Dream Team and you don’t need to have been a Christian for very long at all. The only proviso for any of our ‘pastoral’ teams that are more relationally oriented is that you become a Partner in the Vision (see Growth Track for details).

Sometimes our Dream Teams are asked to help out at some of our conferences and special nights, but you can decide nearer to the time if you’d like to extend your involvement. If you’d like to be a part of our Dream Teams, or want to find out more about them just fill out the form below.

Please select the Dream Teams you are interested in:
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