Business Colab – The Power Of Storytelling

Business Colab – The Power Of Storytelling

Business Colab – The Power Of Storytelling 1000 500 Sarah Dunys

Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your communication at work? You’re not alone. Most people struggle to get their message across, whether it’s in a meeting, a presentation or in a one to one conversation with a staff or team member. Effective communication win hearts and minds. It gets results. It creates clarity and cohesion amongst peers, teams, customers and suppliers.

Stories can bring even the most mundane things to life. People love stories because they convey meaning. They recognise that good communication is about more than the ‘facts’. It’s about how people interpret the facts and change their attitudes and behaviours as a result.

This workshop will help you explore the value and the power of storytelling at work. This interactive evening will help you to tune your communication skills so you can be more effective at work. It will help you understand what makes a good story and how you can harness the power of storytelling to supercharge your work life.

About our Speaker

Kevin Shaw is Lead Chaplain for Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust where he offers professional lead to a Multi-Faith Team of over twenty Chaplains. Kevin oversees services at numerous NHS mental health sites, from Rampton High Secure Mental Hospital, to Hospices, to Child and Adolescent Services. He has previously worked for the Probation Services in prisons, and spent twenty years in the motor industry, working at BMW, Mercedes Benz and Ferrari. Kevin is a freelance writer whose current work includes a chapter in Palgrave Books forthcoming publication, Faith, Spirituality and Sexual Offending. He has also just finished his first novel which follows an incarcerated former soldier through the violent and complex world of a high security prison.

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