Our Beliefs

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a life-changing church seeing people everywhere find hope and purpose through the love of Jesus Christ.

Our vision is to be a faith-filled church, leading people into the amazing journey of discovering their God-given destiny.

Our vision is to be a world-impacting church allowing people from all backgrounds and all generations to choose Christ, be united in Christ and make Christ known to the nations.

Our Beliefs

  1. We believe in a relational God who both created the world and created each person for a plan and a purpose that transforms life’s challenges into powerful stories of breakthrough and influence.
  2. We believe in the pricelessness and dignity of every human being, no matter their race, gender, abilities, disabilities, religion, sexuality or background.
  3. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, inspiringly written and collated in order to excite people about their origins and their future, unite them with a God who cares about every aspect of their lives, give access to eternal wisdom for all kinds of decisions and to release God’s miraculous power through faith and prayer.
  4. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God as well as God himself. We believe that He voluntarily died on the cross on behalf of the sins and misgivings of all mankind. Upon His death, He took the punishment due for our sins, and, upon His resurrection, He opened the way for us to walk with Him in power and victory leading to everlasting life.
  5. We believe in the Holy Spirit, knowing that He is forever with us to release God’s power into our everyday lives and to connect us with the words and will of Jesus Christ.
  6. We believe in the autonomy of every human being to choose for themselves the life they wish to lead. We believe in both integrity and authenticity and want people to move into faith-filled living because they desire to, not because they feel they have to.
  7. We believe that the Church is a God Idea and has been created for the strengthening of believers, the corporate worship of God and to provide real help to the underprivileged and the marginalised. We believe in an inclusive church and the celebration of every individual, as well as allowing them the choice to follow Christ in a deeper, more sacrificial way, releasing a greater reward in the after-life.
  8. We believe that Jesus Christ is coming back, and with a heart of mercy, justice and integrity, will choose both who will enter into Heaven according to their faith in His grace, and what rewards they will receive, based upon their responsiveness to His Spirit.

Our Culture

Our culture is a friendly culture that trades in authenticity, a positive vibe and a real appreciation of everyone who is either a part of Hope City or is simply visiting Hope City.

To expand upon this, we have six ingredients that help create our culture.

  1. A Culture of Fun

Fun is one of the indications that true faith is at work, trusting not in ourselves but in the faithfulness of our God. To support this, Jesus seemed to love food! We can see why – it creates a relaxed environment where everyone gathers and talks freely about their thoughts and observations and this is often the beginning of great things.

2. A Culture of Faith

We create an atmosphere that lives between what we currently see and what we believe we will one day see if we keep on believing. Because we are expressive people who reply upon God, prayer and generosity are a natural part of all we do. We’re not intense about it, but can’t live without it.

3. A Culture of Friendship

We create an environment that makes room for new friends while valuing old friends. Family is so important to us. Many who come from broken families are looking for trusted relationships in order to lead them into all God has for their lives.

4. A Culture of Freedom

Keeping a light spirit is essential for health and vitality. To forgive others is key to this and forms the basis to real freedom and a promising future. It always takes a knowing of how much Jesus forgives us and a trust that ‘all things work together for the good of those who love Him.’ (Romans 8:28) This always makes it a little easier to forgive and let go.

5. A Culture of Faithfulness

Faithfulness is not trendy, yet it creates a trustworthiness and a dedication that is essential for life and success. Our culture is a growth culture where change is here to stay, and faithfulness is the fuel that leads us.

6. A Culture of Fruitfulness

We want to see the Church grow through creative ideas and courageous hearts, supported by innovative endeavours and entrepreneurship. We love new ways of thinking and regularly reinvent the way we do things to keep everything fresh and alive. It’s who we are.

Our Goals

  1. To become a multisite church across the nations representing 10,000 people with congregations in over 30 locations. Currently we represent around 3000 people in 12 locations. We are a part of C3 Global which has a goal of 1000 locations across the world. Currently there are around 600 locations.
  2. To create Hope City hubs in 15 of these locations providing, alongside a vibrant and growing church life, impacting community activities, a successful conferencing business that supports our vision as well as base for the expansion of City Hearts, our sister organisation caring for survivors of modern slavery.
  3. To create a leadership ‘Hit Factory’ through our internship program, seeing 200 intern pastors arise in the next decade.
  4. To impact our nations through raising leaders in Government, Education, Media, The Arts, Business and Charity endeavours, and to be a contemporary Christian voice in our culture.