Grow Nights

The vision of our Grow Nights is to help you to grow strong in your faith journey. They’re made up of six mini-courses for you to be a part of.

We want to give you both practical help and life skills as well as give you simple step by step solutions to some of life’s complexities. By building a foundation of God’s Word and with the fires of prayer burning, you’ll grow in ways you never thought you could.

Join us once a month on Wednesday at the Hope City Creative Space (20 Club Row, E2 7EY). There’s no need to book in, just rock up from 7:00pm for coffee hangs and a 7:30pm start

You are invited

Discovering Vision

Find out more about who we are as a church, where we’re going and how you can get involved.

Discovering You

Find out more about who you are in Christ and what you’re alive for. We’ll be talking about your identity and purpose and how to live it out.

Discovering Gifting

Find out more about the unique gifts and passions God has given you, why they are important and how you can put them in action.

Discovering Financial Stewardship

Find out more about stewarding your finances God’s way so you can live blessed and be a blessing in your world. Managing the resource He provides is significant to your advancement.

Discovering Healthy Relationships

Find out more about the biblical truths and wisdom for growing strong, healthy and God honouring relationships in your world.

Discovering Partnership

Find out more about becoming a Partner in our vision as a church. We’ll share on the power of partnership and the core values we hold dear as a family of believers.

Dates coming up

5th February
4th March
1st April