Once a month on a Wednesday night at 7:30pm, we all congregate in the Auditorium for a fresh juice and natter, then head for one of our eight Growth Track Courses.

Most of the courses are on a three-month rotation so you can start anytime and then complete the final two nights. There’s no need to book-in online for any of our courses. Simply turn up.

The vision of our Growth Track is to help you to grow strong in your faith journey. We want to give you both practical help and life skills as well as give you simple step by step solutions to some of life’s complexities. By building a foundation of God’s Word and with the fires of prayer burning, you’ll grow in ways you never thought you could.

The Welcome Party

This party comes in two parts over two Wednesday Growth Track nights. You can join the party any Wednesday night you wish. It’s for anyone who is new or feels ‘newish’ to the church and is a chance to meet other new people over fresh canapés. On the first night, you’ll hear stories from some of the key people and personalities of Hope City and hear about the unfolding story of the church from its beginning. For the second night, the vision will be presented in an exciting, dynamic and personal presentation. See you then!

Recovering You

Our Recovering You courses are split into two – Recovering You for men and Recovering You for women. They are a three part course running once a month for three months and you can join any month you want and then continue with the final two parts. These nights are for anyone who feels like their journey in life has been more difficult than it should have been – or if you feel like you just need a good ‘MOT’. We’ll be looking at all of the big issues like anxiety, depression, life choices and habits, as well as issues like post-traumatic stress and trauma. We’ll also be finding both the gold in you and the gold in your God and getting you back into a life of wholeness.

The Alpha Course

This multimedia course is either for people who want to discover more about the Christian Faith, or for those who have decided to follow Jesus and want to know more. This course will help put you in the best position to grow in strength through knowing more about Jesus, the Bible, the Holy Spirit and the journey of living by faith.

Discovering Partnership

Hope City is held together by hundreds of people who have completed our three part Discovering Partnership course and then expressed a desire to become a Partner. As a Partner, you get to come up close to the heartbeat of the church, be able to be a part of any one of our Dream Teams, become a key player in the success of the vision and attend our quarterly Partners Nights.

Lifestyle Courses

We have two Lifestyle courses running simultaneously: the CAP Money Course – for those who want to undo some knots in their finances and learn how to manage money well – and the Interactive Alpha Marriage Course – that looks at how to overcome personality differences, how to argue well and how to get closer despite your differences. The three-part courses run once a month for three months and you can start any Wednesday night you choose and then catch all three parts.

Bible Courses

We have two Bible Courses running concurrently: the Big Bible Study Course and our Leadership Night School. The Big Bible Study Course looks at specific books of the Bible, gives an overview and then digs right in to extract nuggets that will help you enormously. The Leadership Night School is for people who feel called into leadership, either in church or in the World, and want to learn first-hand Biblical principles of leadership (this also becomes a taster course for our one year Internship programme that starts every September). Both courses are in six parts but you can join in at any point and continue until you have completed the course.

Open Heaven Prayer

For those not engaged in one of our courses – we have a fantastic opportunity to gather with others in prayer. Our Open Heaven Prayer nights are powerful moments in the presence of God as we call on heaven to impact earth. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and affective – and we’ve been made righteous in Christ. So let’s declare good things together, in His authority, over the lives of our friends, family and city.

Discovering You

Discovering You is an opportunity for you to find out more about your gifts, personality and character through introspective tests and group discussion. The three-part course runs once a month for three months and you can start any Wednesday night you choose and then catch all three parts. From spiritual gifts to leadership style to how we relate and communicate, we will be discovering how we work as individuals and how we can use our God-given talents and personality to bring change to our church, home-life and world!