Grow Nights

Grow nights take place once a month and give you the chance to progress step by step through our pathway to a stronger faith life. The nights are free and a great opportunity to grow in your personal walk with God as well as find out more about the life of Hope City Church. 

Our Grow Nights are currently online via the Zoom App and are open to anyone looking to grow in their personal walk with God. Zoom nights are part of our Discipleship pathway intended to help you have a stronger faith life.

To access the course register a ticket for the session you would like to attend. You will receive an email with a link to our ONLINE ACCESS PAGE that provides the Zoom Meeting link required on the night to access the Zoom room. On the day – make sure you have the Zoom App downloaded on your phone or computer and you are signed in to it. Click the relevant link on the ONLINE ACCESS PAGE at 7:30pm to connect to your session.

Available Grow Sessions:

(please note all courses run simultaneously so please only register for one session per person)

Discovering the Vision (with Ps Chris Denham): Being part of a thriving community of believers is one of the most important steps in growing a stronger faith life. We were never meant to do this life alone. In this session, find out more about the church community of Hope City Church, our vision and having a vision for your own life will help you grow in your walk with God.

Discovering You (with Ps Robert Tailby): At the heart of our faith is our relationship with Jesus Christ. It is in Christ that we can truly understand who we are and our purpose in this world. There are many things in this world that want to cause an identity crisis in your life. Discovering who you are in Christ is the first step to becoming more confidence and happy in your self.

Discovering Financial Stewardship (with Ps Mary Tailby): We spend most of our lives working in order to earn money. If we are not careful money can become a master to how we live. With this session find out who you can become a steward of your finances, releasing God’s blessing over you world and allowing you to live a life in which money works for you and not the other way around.

Discovering Healthy Relationships (with Ps Gosia Denham): Find out biblical truths and wisdom for growing strong, healthy and God-honouring relationships in your world. Whether you are single or married, this session will help you find and create good relationships with people in your world.


April 29th / May 27th / June 24th

7:30pm – 8:30pm

via the ZOOM APP


Find out about who we are as a church, where we’re going and how you can get involved.


Find out about your identity in Christ and the purpose for which you were born for.


Find out about the unique gifts and passions God has given you, why they are important and how you can put them to use.


Find out about how to steward your finances God’s way so you can live blessed and be a blessing in your world.


Find out biblical truths and wisdom for growing strong, healthy and God honouring relationships in your world.


Find out about becoming a Partner in the Vision, the power of partnership and the values we hold as a church.