Hope City Leeds


Welcome to Hope City Leeds

We are a church with a heart for the people of the UK’s fastest growing city – Leeds.

Packed full of families, students, young professionals and everyone else – we aim to connect each and every person to the life changing message of Jesus Christ through the power of God’s community, His Church.

Our Vision For You

Neon Youth



Whizz Kids

Laying foundations, for all 2-10s

Neon Youth

Empowering young people. For all 11-17s

Students & Young Adults

Bossing life. For all 18-30s

She Is

Women: Power in Sisterhood


Strength, Power and Community

Plus Forties

You have a voice


We are a creative church, and we believe that there is a spark of creativity in each of us that’s put there by our creator God! If you have a skill or talent or you just want to try something new, jump on board!


The Met Hotel Leeds

King St, Leeds LS1 2HQ

What’s Coming Up



First Fruits Sunday

The Met Hotel King Street, West Yorkshire, LS1 2HQ, England
11:00 am



Dinner Parties

See website for venues
7:30 pm



Creative Night

7:00 pm



Neon Youth

7:00 pm

Meet the Team

Chris and Gosia Denham

Chris and Gosia are the wonderful Lead Pastors of Hope City Church Leeds+York. They were trained at Cliff College in Calver, Derbyshire, and joined Hope City immediately after graduating. They have also been formally ordained by C3 Church. Chris and Gosia have been married for 23 years and have two children, Joel (15) and Ania (11).

Robert and Mary Tailby

Robert and Mary are the brilliant Assistant Pastors of Hope City Church Leeds+York and figureheads of the Strategic Leadership Team. They moved to Leeds in 2008 and walked through the doors of Hope City Leeds in April 2011. They were appointed as Assistant Pastors in 2016. They have been married nearly 30 years and have two adult children, Caz and Ben.

Tom and Lucy Shaw

Tom and Lucy Shaw are key members of Hope City Leeds’ Strategic Leadership Team. Lucy is Executive Pastor for Hope City Leeds. She works behind the scenes to ensure that the church runs smoothly, mentoring Interns and working closely with Pastor Chris to drive Hope City Leeds towards its next big thing. Tom serves as Logistics Director for our Sunday services.

Gomolemo and Becky Nyakale

Gomolemo and Becky are our fabulous Young Adult Leaders. They joined Hope City Leeds as students in 2014 and got stuck in, becoming family quickly and remaining key members of the church leadership. Goms works for Hope City Central’s media department and Becky works as a caseworker for City Hearts.

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Akin Amusan and Candice Witherden

Akin and Candice are Hope City Leeds’ Creative Leaders. They joined Hope City Leeds as students in 2014 and served on the worship ministry from the beginning. They love to teach, sharpen, and enhance the best in everyone.

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Alex and Huei Pitcher

Alex and Huei are Hope City Leeds’ excellent Teams Pastors. Huei has been part of Hope City Leeds for over 8 years. Alex became a Christian in 2014 and got stuck into the family straight away before the pair got married in 2016 and took on management of all our Teams.

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Precious Sikaonga

Precious is Hope City Leeds’ bubbly and brilliant Whizz Kids leader. She has attended Hope City Sheffield for most of her life and joined Hope City Leeds as a student in 2016. Precious loves to dance and has choreographed many of Hope City Leeds’ special dance items such as Easter Sunday 2018 and the Neontivi3.

Keith and Olivia Kaselampao

Keith and Olivia are Hope City Leeds’ hotshot Youth Pastors. They have been part of Hope City Leeds since the early days and have remained brilliantly faithful for nearly 10 years. They met when they were youth themselves and got married in the presence of Hope City family new and old in 2016.


Listen to the latest messages from Pastor Chris Denham and team, preached live at Hope City Leeds. We hope that this resource will equip and inspire you in your walk with God.