Find Your Dinner Party

Wednesday night Dinner Parties are heading online to build community with faith and friendship the top priorities while we find ourselves navigating this restricted movement season!
We’d love you to join us as we enjoy some good laughs, build friendships and talk openly about faith in God.

We can’t wait to host you!


We’re going online on Wednesday nights at 8pm – 9pm. Simply, choose a Dinner Party from the list below. Click the link to join the Dinner Party room from 8pm. Any one can join in. If a Dinner Party is already full, just choose another.

Ampang: Joel and Emma

Midvalley: Mabel and Sandra

Midvalley: Charlie and Josephine

Kelana Jaya: Garrick and Mel

Kelana Jaya: Shaun and Sophira

Mont Kiara: Anne and Cass

Mont Kiara: Daniel and Zoe

Subang: Alvin and Wen Yee

Subang: Ryan and Pins

Subang: Zach and Felicia