We are moving into miracle territory – miracles amongst the people of God, miracles amongst the lost, miracles amongst the broken and miracles amongst the stuck. It’s the season of GLORY.

God is reigning – not man, not Satan, not circumstance and not fate: God – the beginning and the end, the author and the finisher – the Lord and the King of GLORY.

The Bible declares, ‘The GLORY of the latter Temple will be greater than the glory of the former Temple’ (Haggai 2:9). Why? When God restores, He restores better, bigger, stronger, wider, deeper and faster than that which was ever taken from us.

God is at work. He can’t not work. And He’s working on behalf of us, Hope City, to do what He loves to do and only what He can do – bring His GLORY down to earth.

The Dream Offering is our year long encounter, our monthly sacrifice, our saying goodbye to earthly gratification.

The Dream Offering is a cross borne for a season and a devotion that will never be understood by the madding crowd.

It’s personal yet corporate; mysterious yet pragmatic. It’s our lifeline to the GLORY of God.

By faith the woman with the issue of blood was healed and saw the glory of God arise upon her. By faith the blind saw, the deaf were healed and the bound were freed. There was nothing automatic about it at all. Nothing sovereign about it at all. Nothing by chance. It was because of their faith. By faith we live and breathe with Heaven.

Our faith is the sole currency of Heaven. As we give, we reveal our greatest asset and God gets ready to reveal His greatest treasures.

Welcome to the Dream Offering 2020. We are believing for GLORY. Nothing less will do. Let’s start with the dream and work back to the plan. Our plan to sow like never before. God is about to break through in all His Glory.

Step 1: Tell us your Giving

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This will be sent to your locations Dream Offering Manager. Please then use the options in Step 2 below to redeem your SINGLE GIFT or to set up your MONTHLY GIVING. Your locations Dream Offering manager will be in touch regarding Pledges and to help set up monthly giving if you are unsure what to do. 

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    If you have any questions or need any help with your giving, give the Central Finance Office a call on +44 114 213 2070 or email us.

    Step 2: Arrange Your Giving

    Setting Up Monthly Giving

    Set up your own standing order within the next 14 days using the following account details:

    Account Name: Hope City Church
    Sort Code: 20-76-89
    Account Number: 80457590
    Reference: please reference your location (eg. Birmingham)

    Direct transfer is our preferred option as it avoids extra fees. If you wish to use ‘online giving’ then you can use the GIVE WITH TITHELY button here and click RECURRING GIVING. Please note extra charges apply (1.9% +30p per transaction) so please choose to COVER FEES in order to maximise your giving to us.

    Giving a Single Gift

    If you are simply giving a one-off gift or a single gift as part of your overall giving then you can send that by Direct Transfer (BACS) using the account details opposite to avoid additional fees. Alternatively you can use the GIVE WITH TITHELY button here to give now. (Please note Tithly charge 1.9% + 30p per transaction – so please tick COVER FEES to maximise your giving to us). 

    Launching Sunday 29th March 2020


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