Hope City Darmstadt Dinner Parties

Dinner Parties

Church is not just about Sunday – it’s about the communities in which we engage during the week and the friendships we create.

Our Dinner Parties are fortnightly on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings, at 19:30, across the City of Darmstadt.

They are for all ages, nationalities, and life groups. Everyone’s included. And we have both English and German speaking Dinner Parties, so don’t miss out!

Food was a big part of Jesus’ life and it’s a big part of our journey to belonging. Even when He was about to leave this earth, He had a last supper with His disciples! Food relaxes you a lot; and we want you to feel like you can relax, find space to be you, allow others to really get to know you and have confidence to express yourself freely.

This is not only a great time of connection and good food, but also to discuss the Sunday message, to read the Bible and pray together. Time to build your faith.

Jul 09th & 10th / Aug 06th & 07th / Aug 20th & 21st

Find a Dinner Party near you and get connected!

Student & Young Adult Dinner Party
with Michael Ahonk
Hope City Church, Adelungstraße 18, Darmstadt
Contact Michael on 0176 80091568

Dinner Party South –
with Stephen and Jenny
Contact Jenny on 0176 84349532