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October 2018

School Of Leadership – hosted in Frankfurt

School Of Leadership – hosted in Frankfurt 1024 576 Siobhan Bullock

HOSTED IN FRANKFURT SCHOOL OF LEADERSHIP – a training programme for both those in leadership and those starting out in leadership.  Evening Classes with DVD lectures from Key Christian leaders…

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Prayer Pods

Prayer Pods 3685 5527 Siobhan Bullock

Prayer Pods for the people of God to get together and PRAY! Throughout each week and month the church meets in small groups, all around the city, for pockets of…

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Events In November

Events In November 1023 1024 Siobhan Bullock

Here we go for the Autumn – November 2018 Monday 05……………….Alpha Film Night 1 – Hosted in Frankfurt – More Info  Tues 06 & Wed 07……..Dinner Parties – More Info…

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Alpha Film Nights – Hosted in Frankfurt

Alpha Film Nights – Hosted in Frankfurt 1280 731 Siobhan Bullock

HOSTED IN FRANKFURT Welcome to the ALPHA FILM NIGHTS! If you interested to find out more about the Christian Faith or you have recently become a Christian, the Alpha Film…

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Dinner Parties

Dinner Parties 1400 1400 Siobhan Bullock

Dinner Parties are the mid week groups of Hope City Church and the heart and soul of church. It’s a night of fun, delicious food, getting connected and time to…

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Welcome Party

Welcome Party 1024 665 Siobhan Bullock

Welcome Party for those of you who are new or recently new to Hope City Church. Come and join us for a special ITALIEN themed evening! Friday 23rd November 2018…

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New long term venue

New long term venue 4494 4517 Siobhan Bullock

We just moved into our new long term church venue! It is so exciting that we were not just moving into a nice room, but an entire building, only used…

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