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Here on Earth

Here on Earth 2000 2000 Haylee Potter Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our…

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Joy to the World: A Christmas Production

Joy to the World: A Christmas Production 1920 1920 Haylee Potter

Hope City Presents JOY TO THE WORLD A Christmas Production Feat. Carols, Music & Festive Fun for the whole Family! We love Christmas at Hope City Church! There is a…

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Never Alone

Never Alone 1920 1080 Haylee Potter

Not yet in her twenties, Jess saw first-hand the desperation that loneliness mixed with mental-health problems can lead to. Heartbreak drove her to look for more, and in that she…

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Grand Designs

Grand Designs 1920 1080 Haylee Potter

Although Church is the people, we believe in the steeple. We have Grand Designs of how we can create spaces that our cities will know and flock to. Here’s an…

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The Unforgotten

The Unforgotten 1920 1080 Haylee Potter

In every prison, detention centre, rehab clinic and hospital ward lie the forgotten. Yet, one by one, people are realising that they are actually the unforgotten – the remembered, the…

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F is for Family

F is for Family 1920 1080 Joseph Dunys

Like any good family we are a whole mixture of people, life stages and interests coming together. Our ministries create a space for everyone to find their fit with people…

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Inklings 1920 1080 Haylee Potter

Your inner desires are completely linked to the will of God for your future. If you delight in Him, the Bible says, He will grant you the desires of your…

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Walk the Line (Pathways)

Walk the Line (Pathways) 1920 1080 Joseph Dunys

We want church to be so much more than a gathering; we’re building a hit factory designed to help you become the person God created you to be. We’ve developed…

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Hope City Magazine Issue #9

Hope City Magazine Issue #9 3000 2260 Haylee Potter

Hot off the press. Our new magazine has arrived.   It is filled with articles and testimonies from our Pastors and people across our church as well as all the…

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A Hope Beyond | First Fruits 2018

A Hope Beyond | First Fruits 2018 1080 1080 Haylee Potter

“Beyond the border of our minds, beyond the limits of our experiences. For beyond the full extent of our care and the thick walls of our comfort lies. A Hope…

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The Future is Now | 48 Hours of Prayer & Fasting

The Future is Now | 48 Hours of Prayer & Fasting 1080 1080 Haylee Potter

Prayer and fasting allows us to be positioned for God to do a deep work in our worlds. Preparing us now for the future God has in store for our…

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Roof of the World Bonus Episode: Liverpool

Roof of the World Bonus Episode: Liverpool 1920 1080 Haylee Potter

Check out our bonus episode with Jonno Andrassy from Liverpool! [youtube][/youtube] In this four part series, we take you around four of our locations with some of our best speakers…

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