Here on Earth

Here on Earth 2000 2000 Hope City Church Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For…

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Easter at Hope City

Easter at Hope City 1920 1080 Hope City Church

Join us this Easter across all of our UK locations for our Easter production; ‘Homecoming; The greatest ever comeback’. With items from our creative teams, segments from our Whizz Kids as well as giveaways and an inspirational message from your lead pastor, we cannot wait for an amazing Easter weekend.…

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ARISE : The Latest Release from Hope City Music

ARISE : The Latest Release from Hope City Music 1920 1080 Hope City Church

It’s here! The latest release from Hope City Music – Arise [youtube] [/youtube] Following the success of ‘This is Your Summer’ comes their latest single; Arise. You can find it on iTunes and Spotify, so make sure you’re listening today!  

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First Fruits 2017

First Fruits 2017 1920 1080 Hope City Church

[youtube][/youtube] First Fruits 2017 : Dangerous Liaisons Our First Fruits offering is a catalyst for change, a tool for new territory and a fierce facilitation, taking the spirit of God across the globe, creating a lasting echo of freedom.First Fruits has a mission mandate and this year we are out…

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First Fruits 2016

First Fruits 2016 1440 900 Hope City Church

For it is by faith that we access The Gate of grace; it always has been and always will be the only way. It’s faith that can’t help but reveal itself, its intentions and its attitude to life – like the fruit of a tree. “Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty,…

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The School of Leadership

The School of Leadership 1440 800 Hope City Church

Launching in our international locations (Frankfurt, Accra & Kuala Lumpur) the School of Leadership is a brand new branch of the Hope City Academy designed to propel you to new heights in your God-given destiny. [youtube][/youtube]

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Creative Nights

Creative Nights 1440 800 Hope City Church

Every Thursday heralds the gathering of creative people across our locations. From singers to musos, production managers to photographers, writers, dancers, artists, directors – this is the place for you. Check out your location for more information about your Creative Night. [youtube][/youtube]

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Hope City Live Sessions

Hope City Live Sessions 1440 800 Hope City Church

Listen to the latest instalment of our live sessions right here. [youtube][/youtube] Be Glorified – Hope City Live Sessions

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First Fruits 2015

First Fruits 2015 1440 800 Hope City Church

Be the change you want to see. First Fruits is our annual Missions Offering. Our opportunity to be the change. Our doorway to impact what God is doing on several frontiers. First Fruits is all about allowing the faithfulness and blessing of God to continue and increase in our lives.…

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Freshers – Welcome to your new city!

Freshers – Welcome to your new city! 1440 800 Hope City Church

Congratulations to every A Level student receiving results this week – and welcome to your new university city! Now the preparations for uni life truly begin! From booking your accommodation, to that all important IKEA shop, it’s such an exciting time as you move from one chapter to the next. One…

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Dream Offering 2015

Dream Offering 2015 1440 900 Hope City Church

This year, Hope City Church is lining up to make history. Across our 11 locations, we are getting ready for our biggest offering ever to advance the work that God is doing in His house. This is not just an opportunity to give, but an opportunity to impact the future…

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