What if?

What if?

What if? 2560 1806 Hope City Church

When I was pregnant with our middle child, towards the end of my pregnancy I entered the phase that is known as ‘nesting’…and if I’m completely honest after months of morning sickness, it was a stage I could finally get on board with. A clean house, organised cupboards and drawers, errrmm yes please!

Now, I’m no medical expert but something in my brain just switched and this compulsion to clean, organise and prepare just overtook.

One morning I had a couple of my friends over and my food delivery arrived…and in it, 3 HUGE packs of toilet paper and even more kitchen rolls…I saw them looking at each with raised eyebrows…then at me and asked “so…what’s with all the toilet roll Jen?”

I tried to explain that I had the irrepressible urge to make sure we had enough toilet rolls to last for a few weeks..possibly months…JUST IN CASE!

In that moment, nothing gave me greater comfort and satisfaction than knowing I had too much toilet paper to fit in my designated ‘toilet paper cupboard’!

And because everyone knows you never mess with a pregnant, hormonal women, they just smiled and said they understood.

Stockpiling toilet paper…sound familiar?!

With a surge of panic buying sweeping across the nation, toilet roll is fast becoming the icon of this crazy movement…but what really drives us to act in such a way?

The‘what if’ mentality kicks in…

What if I can’t get out to buy supplies?
What if I can’t feed my kids?
What if every shop in the country goes on lock down?

What if I run out of toilet roll?!! 

It’s all about control, or rather, our lack of it. We start to operate on primal instinct. In the midst of such unpredictable times, our instinct tells us we need EVERYTHING and we need it right now!

We seek to gain control through any means necessary….even if it is stockpiling an unprecedented amount of toilet rolls!

Operating on instinct can alleviate the anxiety and fear that we are experiencing. Just as ‘nesting’ in pregnancy brings a control over our environment, panic buying is a means of reclaiming some feeling of power and control over our emotional state.. both ease anxiety and fear of the unknown.

But fear is contagious… and we aren’t called to live a life of fear but called to live by faith.

Our faith will rise when we remember the power God has over every circumstance, because God is WAY bigger than our strongest fear.

“As it is written, ‘The righteous shall live by faith.’” – Romans 1:17b

…and just imagine what could happen if our faith became contagious?

Written by Jenny Ameobi (Hope City Newcastle) as part of the SHE IS Collective Blog Series