Protected time

Protected time

Protected time 2560 1922 Hope City Church

In this day and age we’ve become so much busier in life.

In our work and studies we have deadlines, with family and friends we have duty calls, then on top of this we have the dreaded laundry and emptying that dishwasher that we’ve left for days.

When it comes to ourselves we have ‘ME’ time which we fill with Netflix, scrolling our phones through social media and watching endless news headlines.

Recently I came across the term ‘Protected Time’ at work – this is time spent by health professionals engaging in a professional activity, for example: learning, teaching, administration and so on. This cannot, by contract, be used for any clinical duties.

This means that time is protected so nobody can interrupt you from growing and learning.

This made wonder, do I have ‘Protected Time’ in my world?

What about my time with God?

Do I set aside a time so there’s no interruptions or distraction in what I am doing?

What do I do about those typical time stealers such as a knock on the door, an email popping up on the screen or perhaps that beeping noise from your washing machine?

We as women love multitasking and we think we can put our 100% attention to several different tasks all at the same time.

Sometimes, without noticing, I end up dragging my 2 year old around the house while trying to accomplish my tasks for the day, but the truth is this leaves us both feeling frustrated.

I’ve come to the realisation that all she needs is a couple of hours of my ‘protected time’ with her, some undivided attention spent with her, and she will be happy for the rest of the day!

Learning to manage and organise our protected time in all we do – a protected hour doing exercise to get fit, a protected revision time so we can pass our exams or even a protected afternoon just to pick up our phone to speak to someone we care for – whatever it is, it will help us to invest our precious time well, instead of losing time leading to loss of productivity, which leads to frustration.

How is our ‘protected time’ with God?

He who deserves all our attention and time, He who waits and knocks on our door for us to seek Him daily.

As Christians, we are to prioritise God in everything that we do.

We are to organise and plan our future wisely.

My favourite scripture in Proverbs 16:9 says:

‘In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.’

God always is the centre of all we plan and do especially with our time!

In this current situation, with all the noises from the pandemic and news headlines, I find myself needing to have my time protected even more than ever. I have recently started to set a time on alarm just to pray. It practices my faith muscles with discipline and teaches me to put EVERYTHING aside to focus on God.

In this season of self isolation, our time may look different than usual. Let me encourage you to plan a schedule, stick to it and practice consistency.

I pray you will be blessed in this season with God’s stillness and peace!

Written by Cynthia Smith (Hope City Newcastle) as part of the SHE IS Collective Blog Series