Planted with purpose

Planted with purpose

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During the last couple of weeks, I have fulfilled a dream of mine – I planted my very first sunflowers.

It’s something that I have wanted to do for years and I was so excited to share the whole process with you but it turns out they take a lot longer than two weeks and there’s a lot more to the process than just putting some seeds in a pot and watching them grow. And while I can’t share with you my amazing 6 foot sunflowers – yet – I do want to share this process has both challenged my patience and reassured my faith.

Repotting a plant can be really annoying. I discovered this last week. I ended up getting soil EVERYWHERE: the roots were all tangled and attached to the pot and I spent the whole time worried that the sunflower was dying in the process!

It made me realise that the growth of my sunflowers is like our own.

The place we start our journey with God, where he first plants us, is not where we ultimately end up. If we want to grow into our full potential and flourish the way God has planned, then it involves us expanding our surroundings.

When we find ourselves in places that we have outgrown, it can be difficult to step into something bigger. Just as a plant’s roots shape themselves to whatever pot they are in, it’s easy for us to shape ourselves according to our surroundings.

Stepping out can be difficult because it quite often isn’t straight forward, it’s often messy and a lot of work can be involved to find ourselves in what seems like an overwhelming place that we don’t fit into.

But I’ve been encouraged this week in knowing that God moves us all with purpose. 

He delicately moves every single root that we have made in Him and puts us into a place where He will nurture us.

As people, it’s easy to think we have to do it all ourselves but God is the one in control. He is there to help us with all the mess that comes with moving to something bigger and He’s there to help us grow once we’re replanted.

Don’t let yourself stay in that place that you have outgrown just because it’s comfy or because moving seems scary.

The beauty of a sunflower is only seen when it is given the room to grow and it’s the same with everyone of us.

If God is moving you somewhere bigger, trust that it is because He can see the beauty of what is to come.

My dream of planting sunflowers may seem a bit insignificant but whenever I am struggling, God puts the image of a sunflower field in my mind, it reminds me of my relationship with Him and it brings me peace.

My favourite thing about sunflowers is that as they grow, their face always looks to the sun and if they can’t find the sun, they face each other.

It’s an encouragement that always puts me back on the right path and I hope it helps you too – we need to choose to look to God as He is the source of all we need. In times of trouble or in times when we can’t see Him clearly, know that we have each other as support until He becomes clear to us again.

Written by Tori Marjason (Hope City Newcastle) as part of the SHE IS Collective Blog Series