I’m not a normal mum

I’m not a normal mum

I’m not a normal mum 1982 1474 Hope City Church

So, I’m not a normal mum but I have a tendency to believe that despite that I’m a pretty awesome one!

…And I think that my kids think that too! Well at least some of the time! To have a mum who loves children’s ministry, dancing (everywhere), has taught breakdancing and street dance and is crazy about Jesus, has got to be either embarrassing or awesome!

Thankfully, my kids seem to love my passionate and excitable personality. Recently in the park, the children and I were playing ‘tag’, when some other children joined in. I overheard my son saying to one of them proudly ‘yes you can play, but my mum’s really fast you know!’ It was a laughable yet touching moment!

So as Mother’s Day approaches, I should feel really happy, especially as I not only celebrate my own mother, (who is amazing) but also consider all the efforts I have made in raising my children.

However, I have to admit that as a divorced mother of two, Mother’s Day has more of a tendency to lead into me feeling a sense of sadness and loss. Momentarily, I even start to feel jealous of all the mum’s who have faithful husbands who, I imagine, are bringing them all breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day!

This of course then leads to pondering over things that went wrong in my marriage and lots of ‘if only’s!!! I’ve definitely learnt that ‘if onlys’ are never helpful, so through this incredibly difficult experience of marriage breakdown, I have had to learn to cling to God as my one true rock and supplier of my strength.

However, I do feel that this experience has made me aware of the exceptional difficulties that divorced and other single mothers go through. And the pain and harm that is caused by marriage breakdown, to mothers and children, should not be forgotten or underestimated. The feeling of abandonment, betrayal, and brokenness are a heavy burden for single mothers who often carry the added weight of being left to bring up children on their own and with insufficient support.

So this a shout out to all single mothers to say ‘Keep going!’ and ‘You’re doing a wonderful job’.

Secondly this is an encouragement to those mother’s to learn to lean on God, draw your strength from him, tell him your troubles! Let God be your husband. He longs to be. Where you have been abandoned let God replace your pain with His faithfulness, where you have been betrayed know His unfailing love! And finally know without a shadow of doubt that a brighter day is coming and healing is on the way!

I’m not saying that this is something I’ve fully conquered – on the contrary the pain of a broken marriage is still an on going conquest for me. However, there are a couple of key bible verses that have helped me greatly, including Psalm 92:4; ‘He (God) will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield‘

As I read these verses and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work, a conquering spirit is growing in me!

So, as I said at the start I’m not a normal mum, but God’s made us mothers pretty awesome hasn’t He!!! And for every mother reading this whether married or unmarried, I hope you know the faithfulness of God and come to experience Him as your refuge in times of trouble. I pray you feel blessed and celebrated on Mother’s Day!

Written by Eunike Tate (Hope City Newcastle) as part of the SHE IS Collective Blog Series