Too much choice

Too much choice

Too much choice 2560 1702 Hope City Church

Variety is the spice of life! In 2020, our world seems to be one of unlimited choice; the possibilities almost endless.

A few minutes walk from my house there’s an amazing Korean street food restaurant, Mexican food, a vegan pub, a French patisserie, stone baked pizza, the list goes on!

I’m definitely not complaining! I love it. But what effect does our world of options have on us?

Our culture can pressure us to become multi-taskers; we learn the ability to dip in and out of many projects, work effectively in fast paced environments and often are spinning several plates at once.

Is it possible to have too much choice though?
Can it lead to indecision?
Or perhaps the inability to stick at something?

Distraction is an increasing problem… our attention spans are suffering, we can get bored so easily, struggling to see things through to the end… being a ‘completer-finisher’ is a rare gift – starting things is far more exciting!

Tik Tok, Snapchat, Instagram – we only need to look as far as the most popular apps to see how instant our world has become.

John Mark Comer recently highlighted a study by Microsoft Corporation, which claimed the human attention span has supposedly dropped from 12 seconds in 2002 to only eight seconds in 2013, which is a second shorter than a goldfish!


Are you still with me?

Once the honeymoon phase of any project has passed, it’s tempting to drop it for something new and shiny.

James Clear, writer of Atomic Habits, says:

‘The greatest threat to success is not failure but boredom. We get bored with habits because they stop delighting us. The outcome becomes expected. And as our habits become ordinary, we start derailing our progress to seek novelty. Perhaps this is why we get caught up in a never-ending cycle, jumping from one workout to the next, one diet to the next, one business idea to the next. As soon as we experience the slightest dip in motivation, we begin seeking a new strategy – even if the old one was still working.’

How does this apply in our approach to spiritual life?
Do we have good habits that create space for us to hear from God?
Or do we struggle to give God regular time to speak to us, and concentrate long enough to pray?
Are we consistent in our commitment to devotion?

I am the proud owner of a grand total of two plants – a palm and a snake plant (affectionately known as Aretha and Vivienne).

I’ve learnt that I can’t water them once every three weeks and expect them to be okay. I have to water them regularly, make sure they get enough sunlight daily, and are in the right environment to thrive.

Like plants, our spiritual life requires regularity and rhythm. We need to create consistent opportunities to allow God to fill us with His Spirit and His word.

So which practices do you need to develop consistency in?
Which routines should become non-negotiable in your life?
What things have you started in faith, or said yes to, that you need to see through?

There is a great power in a good routine, in maintaining healthy habits, and in sticking with it.

Let’s be people who stand firm, who don’t flake out when things aren’t as exciting as they were at first, and who see change because we choose not to let boredom or distraction dictate our success.

I want to encourage you today to stay consistent and regular in prayer, in reading the word, and in doing what God is asking you to do.

You will see the results!

Written by Steph Young (Hope City Newcastle) as part of the SHE IS Collective Blog Series