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Be you

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I’m often told that I have a tendency to pray for people right there and then, whatever their problem or illness.

To me it comes naturally and it’s only when people say things like….. ‘oh you always pray for people,Eunike’, that I realise that my behaviour may have been unusual and that perhaps it’s not quite the norm!

So this has got me questioning whether I should change or whether we can all pray this way?

In the Bible whenever people encountered Jesus with issues or sickness, he made them whole there and then.

He made blind beggars see, told a paralysed man to stand and walk and stopped a woman’s bleeding instantly.

I think Jesus’s ministry of seeing the needs of people and helping them there and then has had such a profound affect upon me that I long to see and be the same.

Not surprisingly it has spurred me to want to pray for any person who presents before me with any ailment. Be it a bad back or a headache or something worse, I have a deep desire to bring healing to that person and see them made whole.

Telling that person I’ll keep you in my prayers without at least praying with them first, just doesn’t quite cut it for me!

I’ve been reading a really interesting book recently by a lady who believes in being prophetic wherever you go & in whatever you’re doing. All the time she looks for opportunities to speak prophetically, with profound results. She has seen women give their lives to Jesus, transformation of people and God moves miraculously, all through her steps of faith.

It’s been a significant encouragement to me as I had begun to feel quite doubtful about myself.

My reading and perusing has led me to a greater understanding of the way that God has created us all so differently and given us all unique gifts.

It’s not that He wants me to change the way that I am, nor is it that He wants everyone to pray the way that I do. When I encounter a person in need, he stirs up a gift within me and that’s the reason I respond in the way that I do.

For others, God stirs up the gifts that He has given them; gifts of serving, teaching, evangelism, prophecy, encouragement and so on and He helps them to use their gifts in different ways too.

God longs for us to simply enjoy using the gifts He has given us and allow Him to flow through us as we take steps of faith. Even though the gifts that God gives are clearly labelled in scripture I think that because we are unique we express them in different ways. So let’s celebrate each other’s uniqueness as it says in:

Pslam 139 v 14 (the Passion Translation)

‘I thank God for making me so mysteriously complex! Everything you do is marvellously breathtaking.’

Don’t be afraid to be you today, and let’s not forget the gifts that God has given and use them as often as God gives us an opportunity!

Written by Eunike Tate (Hope City Newcastle) as part of the SHE IS Collective Blog Series