Give her something to eat

Give her something to eat

Give her something to eat 1910 2560 Hope City Church

So I’ve been reading in Mark 5 about Jairus and his daughter. His daughter dies, Jesus raises her from the dead – no biggy. But then just after in verse 43 it says that Jesus told them to give her something to eat.

There’s just something so powerful and beautiful about the way that Jesus wants to meet both our spiritual needs and our physical needs. That something so ordinary as food was of concern for him to instruct and to ensure would happen

This is the sense of care and attention that God has to our lives. And I think in this time it’s easy to go one of two ways:

  1. To lean too much into the spiritual and supernatural
  2. To lean too much into the practical and physical.

The reality is that true spirituality is where both meet together – a connection point between heaven and earth, the Holy Spirit and our physicality. This is his ultimate purpose.

For some of us, let me encourage you to be building your spirit up and creating that space to connect with him. For others, let’s really make sure we’re managing our physical health and our emotional world by getting enough and having proper routines etc.

But just today hold on to the truth that God deeply cares for all of it and he cares about you.

Written by Sats Solanki, Hope City London.