A focus that lifts us

A focus that lifts us

A focus that lifts us 1707 2560 Hope City Church

Recently, to hear of one very tired and anxious nurse tell my friend that she is ‘not ok’, struck me as an echo from so many who are working on the frontline. We’ve heard this time and time again.

It’s one thing to step up in a crisis that you weren’t prepared for and another to find yourself doing that indefinitely.

At the same time, to see the wave of help, support and fundraising absolutely flooding in from kind-hearted people is stunning!

When our ability to move forward begins to fade, it’s amazing the energy that arises from even a small amount of encouragement.

It seems that no one really ever makes up their own mind. Our mind is very much led by its influencers. What we focus on determines both the level of our inner well-being and our future steps.

Paul the Apostle (who faced some truly traumatic situations) wrote:

Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. (Philippians 4:8)

In these times as we face facts and make adjustments, may we also be able to focus on the things, people, stories, relationships, alliances, scriptures that lift us – that is the place of new strength and energy. It’s the place from which both praise and faith rise – accessing all of heaven’s help.

Perhaps in the future, this period of time will be known as the crossover point between BCV and ACV (Before/After Corona Virus). May we find that beyond the pressures of this period, we regroup with our attention on things that matter most – friendship, love, community, encouragement, kindness, respect and a deep and long-lasting appreciation for each other.

I’m praying for all who feel overwhelmed at this time that Jesus will absolutely flood your heart with peace and fresh strength today. There have been times that I’ve needed that so much and have found Him to be both willing and able.

Written by Lisa Stoner, Hope City Liverpool