Quiet 2560 1707 Hope City Church


Lately every time my phone “pings” with a new message or alert on breaking news my heart skips a beat. With all that is going on, I’ve found myself gradually getting sucked in to the stories and updates to a point where it feels like I’m going dizzy and all I want to do is…

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Out of the box 2560 1741 Hope City Church

Out of the box

I am a BIG fan of personality tests. There’s something about completing the questions to then be presented with an (almost) perfect description of who you are and the way you tick, that just makes you feel understood. On the Myers-Briggs, I’m an ENFJ (The Protagonist) and on the Enneagram, I’m a Type 3 (The…

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Forget about it 2560 1920 Hope City Church

Forget about it

I recently watched a TV series where a group of people were given the chance to travel back in time and re-live a year of their lives. As many of the characters had various regrets and wishes, most of them decided to take what seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance of a…

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A healthy heart 2560 1611 Hope City Church

A healthy heart

Recently I read that a healthy heart leads to a healthy body. This resonates with me especially with the recent health events in my family. What I mean is not just a well pumping heart that delivers blood to the rest of the organs in your body so they can function but the condition of…

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Come to Jesus 2560 1922 Hope City Church

Come to Jesus

As a real introvert, I enjoy being by myself and so at the beginning of lockdown I wasn’t too worried about spending most of my time alone. But over the last few months I have really missed spending time with other people and have been so looking forward to doing different things when the guidelines…

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Feed the birds 2560 1898 Hope City Church

Feed the birds

Apologies to any ornithologists out there but birds are not my favourite creatures. Look at ravens for example, usually either found in horror films, accompanying ‘Disney villains’ or pecking at something disgusting on the road. Even their collective name, ‘an unkindness of ravens’ doesn’t put them in top spot of the animal kingdom! However recently…

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How does your garden grow? 2560 1696 Hope City Church

How does your garden grow?

I love a good celebration! We recently just celebrated our 9 year ‘moving house’ anniversary…not sure there is such a thing but it feels like something worth celebrating to me. 9 years ago my husband and I took on a project to renovate and rebuild a new home, a home that we saw our future…

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Take the next left 2560 1707 Hope City Church

Take the next left

“The Lord says, “I will teach you the way you should go; I will instruct you and advise you.” Psalm 32:8 “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21 Until recently, my weekdays were eclipsed…

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Be you 1707 2560 Hope City Church

Be you

I’m often told that I have a tendency to pray for people right there and then, whatever their problem or illness. To me it comes naturally and it’s only when people say things like….. ‘oh you always pray for people,Eunike’, that I realise that my behaviour may have been unusual and that perhaps it’s not…

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Embracing change 2560 1707 Hope City Church

Embracing change

Since moving to the North East in 2012, I have lived in five different homes, averaging a house move once every one and a half years… and in two weeks time, I will be moving again! Part of me loves it… they say a change is as good as a rest. However if I’m honest,…

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In the waiting 2560 1765 Hope City Church

In the waiting

One of the things I have missed the most during lockdown is being able to travel. I love trying the different food, enjoying the beautiful scenery, learning about new cultures and just being able to explore! However, the one thing I really am not keen on is the flight. Don’t get me wrong, I generally…

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Mind games 2560 1707 Hope City Church

Mind games

Last week, as I was walking on the beach, I decided to stop and grab a coffee at the cafe. As I was about to place my order, the lady smiled at me and asked, “Do you want your usual? You are the lady that surfs and orders a coffee in the mornings aren’t you?”…

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Return to sender 1704 2560 Hope City Church

Return to sender

Confession time: on several occasions in this lockdown season, I’ve found myself thinking it would be nice to “un-become” a parent. Spending 24/7 with a strong-willed, very loud, very determined, very everything three year old certainly has its moments and I’ve found myself wistfully dreaming of times when I could get up when I wanted…sit…

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It’s time to let it go 2560 2313 Hope City Church

It’s time to let it go

Recently I found myself tidying the dreaded accessories drawer. It took me an hour just to untangle one knot from a necklace that I hadn’t put away properly. Whilst I was doing this impatiently, my daughter said, “Don’t worry mum, let me help you!” As a parent of a toddler, you often find yourself watching…

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Dreaming again 2560 1707 Hope City Church

Dreaming again

Throughout lockdown I have been watching some great home design programmes and I found that it has often inspired me to think of new ideas. I love imagining, dreaming and planning about what I could do with my house and garden and how it could suit us better for our lifestyle. I often come up…

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Unwanted visitors 2560 1700 Hope City Church

Unwanted visitors

Recently the government has advised us not to have visitors to our homes during the coronavirus pandemic and I’m adhering to their guidelines as much as I’d love to see my family and friends. However I have had a couple of unwanted visitors! Two unwelcome ‘friends’ have crept back into my life. I certainly wasn’t expecting them…

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