She Is ‘Hot Topics’

She Is ‘Hot Topics’

She Is ‘Hot Topics’ 1024 1024 Hope City Birmingham

Hi ladies!

Only 4 weeks remaining until our She Is Conference in Sheffield. I am so expectant for all that God is going to do and how we will see him move during conference and I am so excited for the time we will get to spend together. As a pre-She Is party, I would love to invite you all for coffee and chats at the specified location; there are so many ‘hot topics’ in the world right now and my heart for this event is to create a space where we can meet together to discuss and share our personal thoughts on these topics and most importantly look to the word of God and seek his word above all else.

My heart for US is that we would become women of strength, depth and influence. God has more for you than you realise and we have the opportunity to discover that together. So get booked on and we will see you there!

Love, Becky x

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