Dinner Parties

Church is not just about Sunday – it’s about the communities in which we engage during the week and the friendships we create.

Dinner parties are the midweek communities of Hope City Church designed to create a welcoming environment in which people can talk openly about faith in God, share a meal and build friendships.

Everyone does better when they belong to a family. We need people we can lean on in times of trouble and who we can celebrate with in the achievements. Family life is a core value of Hope City Church and we encourage every person who has made Hope City their home to be part of one of our midweek communities.

Dinner Parties are an opportunity for us to come together around a table for food, friendship and a chance to discuss the message from the weekend and pray together. If you would like to sign up for a Dinner Party today, please contact hopecitybirmingham@gmail.com

Colmore Row with Andy

200 Degrees Coffee Shop –  21 Colmore Row, B3 2BH: 6PM – 7:30PM

Text Andy on: 07511249229


Email us here

New Street with Michael & Ali

90 Navigation Road, B5 4AE: 7PM – 9PM

Text Michael on: 07527285907


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Mailbox with Taf

Skyline Apartments, Granville Street, B1 2LS: 7PM – 9PM

Text Taf on: 07776287824


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Harborne with Austin

Bernard Road, B17 8LP: 7PM – 9PM

Text Austin on: 07949174089


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