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When it feels like faith has failed

When it feels like faith has failed 1713 2560 Hope City Church

A few weeks ago, I had just hung up from a FaceTime call with a friend after we’d been watching the Bake Off on catch up (don’t judge…it’s a thing!) to realise that my husband Ian had been out on his run for a really long time. It’s not unusual…

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Rainbows 2560 1707 Hope City Church

Rainbows have became a significant symbol this year across the globe. Since the first lockdown started in March, you may have noticed images of rainbows appearing on windows, mainly to cheer up passersby and also as a sign of thank you, solidarity and a symbol of hope. My daughter Rebekah…

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Just Ask

Just Ask 2560 1709 Hope City Church

In the midst of a barrage of generally grim headlines I recently came across an interesting article which detailed some of the strange requests that hotels get from their guests. Ranging from down-right weird to silly, the requests and queries people made went far beyond asking for extra towels or…

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Be the baby Jesus, not a snowman

Be the baby Jesus, not a snowman 2560 1707 Hope City Church

When I was four-years-old, my class made Christmas decorations from clay. Every person made a snowman. I made baby Jesus. He still hangs on our tree. I reckon it was from the age of 11 that I started to notice the differences between myself and others. I was more outspoken,…

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Drop the mask

Drop the mask 2560 1756 Hope City Church

Whilst getting ready, my grandson, who’s 4 was chatting to me and as I prepared items to put into my bag for the day ahead he commented, ‘That’s a nice mask, Grammy. Can I see all your masks?’ (I have about 5 – so it didn’t take all that long…

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The year of…

The year of… 2560 1707 Hope City Church

If I were to let you fill in the blank…2020 the year of__________? I think I could guess some of the most popular responses. 2020…’the year of the lockdown’…’the year of Covid’…’the year of restriction’… But, I’m going to say something a little bit controversial here… I actually don’t hate…

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Please wait

Please wait 2560 1707 Hope City Church

My husband and I have recently bought our first home together. For a long time we had longed for a house that belonged to both of us. But the road to getting our new home was far from smooth. For years we hit barriers and delays. As frustrating as that…

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Dealing with Disappointments

Dealing with Disappointments 1707 2560 Hope City Church

I think it’s fair to say that life can throw some curve balls at us. It’s great to have hopes and dreams but when they don’t come to fruition, it can lead us to feeling low and frustrated. Having been involved in Christian prayer ministry, working professionally in settings which…

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Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the Journey 2560 1708 Hope City Church

At the beginning of September on Tynemouth beach, I became a fiancée! Engagement is undoubtedly one of the most exciting chapters; a time filled with anticipation and preparation. And of course, lots of planning! Amidst all the excitement though, part of me has been disheartened and worried about the prospect…

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Unplugged 2560 1707 Hope City Church

I have decided I’m going to make it my aim to have everything cordless in my home! I have recently just bought a cordless hoover and it has transformed my life (well that may be exaggerating a little, but it has made it a whole lot easier). I used to hate…

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Quiet 2560 1707 Hope City Church

Lately every time my phone “pings” with a new message or alert on breaking news my heart skips a beat. With all that is going on, I’ve found myself gradually getting sucked in to the stories and updates to a point where it feels like I’m going dizzy and all…

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Out of the box

Out of the box 2560 1741 Hope City Church

I am a BIG fan of personality tests. There’s something about completing the questions to then be presented with an (almost) perfect description of who you are and the way you tick, that just makes you feel understood. On the Myers-Briggs, I’m an ENFJ (The Protagonist) and on the Enneagram,…

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