Dream Teams are exactly what they say on the tin – teams that help the dream of Hope City becoming a fast growing church full of people, connecting to both God and each other.

There are SO many different teams operating within church, including Whizz Kids, Neon Youth, Host, Hospitality, New People and Creative.

Anyone can become a part of a Dream Team and you don’t need to have been a Christian for very long at all. The only proviso for any of our ‘pastoral’ teams that are more relationally oriented is that you become a Partner in the Vision (see Growth Track for details).

If you’d like to be a part of our Dream Teams, have a look at your options below and sign up at the Info Point this Sunday!

Creative Dream Team

Our Creative teams include vocals, band, lighting, sound, production, social media, photography, dance and décor.

They are passionate about expressing the creativity of Heaven in everything we do as a church. If you’d like to hone your skills or try something new, jump on board! If you’d like to be part of this Dream Team, either just turn up at 6:30pm on a Thursday night or fill in the form below.

Whizz Kids Dream Team

Our Whizz Kids team are involved in building the future leaders of our church.

They are passionate about creating a welcoming and fun environment where our kids can learn about the Bible, develop deep and lasting friendships and bring any questions they may have about God and who He has called them to be.

Neon Youth Dream Team

Our Neon Youth team are passionate about building the teens in our church.

Through our regular Sunday Ignite programs and monthly Sunday afternoon “Big Ones”, our Neon team are there to create an environment where our teens feel free to learn about and step into who God has called them to be.

Host Dream Team

Our Host Team are responsible for making every person that walks through our doors feel welcomed and at home.

You will find them wearing their “Hello” t-shirts and being on hand to help direct visitors with any questions they may have about the church.

Hospitality Dream Team

Our Hospitality Team are responsible for all the delicious refreshments and food we eat at our events and special services.

We think food is a major part of what we do. Making people feel cared for and at ease can be as simple as handing them a plate of free food, and this is where our awesome team of Hospitality superstars come in!

Stage Manager Dream Team

Our Stage Managers are responsible in making sure everything comes across smooth from the stage, to create as few hiccups as possible in the running of our services.

These are involved in everything from aiding communication between the AV desk and the musicians, to making sure the stage design looks wonderful ready for the service to begin!

AV/Tech Dream Team

Our AV and Tech team are responsible for all of the Audio and Video presentations that come from the stage – everything from worship lyrics to smoke machines!

You don’t need to come ready trained to be part of our AV/Tech team – all you need is a keenness to learn and a passion for creating excellence in our services.

Social Media Dream Team

Our Social Media team is responsible for everything we present Hope City Accra as to people who may be interested in joining us.

In so many cases, this is the first impression people get of our church, and so it is vital in attracting new people to come and check us out. No training is needed for this role, just a keenness to learn and a passion for social media.

Connections Dream Team

Our Connections team are passionate about helping people to find family in our church.

This includes getting to know every new person that comes in to our church so we can be sure they get connected with like-minded people, and helping them join a Dinner Party.