We’re believing this conference will ignite something powerful in the life of every man in Hope City. As we gather with intent, we’re choosing to shake up the facades of “man” that we all can so easily hide behind and take that step closer to being real together. Bottom line – It’s a gathering for transformation into a greater reality of who we are in Christ. That is ultimately why we know you’ll want to be there!

What it means to be a man is so often limited by the world’s expectations: the hunter-gatherer, the conqueror, the ruler, the savage, the macho, the sportsman, the gladiator, the aggressor.
This is what we’re told. The box we’re supposed to fit into. And the weight of that can be heavy.

Stop. This is a hold up. There is more to man.

We’re sons, we’re brothers, we’re fathers, we’re husbands, we’re believers, we’re shapers, we’re makers. And we’re claiming back what’s rightfully ours.
This is our fight.

This is The Heist.

This May, Hope City presents a one-day Men’s Conference in Sheffield (UK). We cannot wait to gather for a powerful day as we claim back what it means to be a man. This is your invitation.

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