We invite you to be a part of a move of the Spirit of God that’s led entirely by the power and vision of our heavenly call. This divine call hovers upon each and every one of you, desiring to create in you a flow of God’s presence that grows and grows, can never be quenched and can never return you to the places you’ve come from. It’s a call to move you higher, a call to move you further and a call to move you deeper into God’s heavenly glory. This glory is designed to create such change in you that future generations will be forever affected by your life and call. You will be forever changed.

This Year we are joined by the outstanding Bernie Kelsey & Vanessa Hoyes as well as amazing host Jenny Gilpin. Don’t miss out on what promises to be a truly life-changing weekend.

For more information about this incredible event visit sheisconference.co.uk