Big Influence

Big Influence

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Every Sunday, church is filled with a vast blend of people, arriving from different cities, different homes, all with different occupations. Although we couldn’t speak to everyone, we thought we’d hear from some of the people that carry great influence within their working week and catch a glimpse into why they do it and what has bought them to this point in life. We hope you enjoy it. 

I will always remember the day that I received the phone call. As the Megacentre Director, I was asked to deliver an emergency food parcel to a young woman in Sheffield. I was eight months’ pregnant at the time, so I quickly grabbed one of our receptionists to carry the box.

A little frail woman answered the door. It was obvious that we couldn’t hand over the heavy box, so we gestured that we would carry it to her attic bedroom. In the room there was a single bed, a camping stove and a black bin bag containing her possessions. As we handed over the food parcel I noticed from the corner of my eye that something was moving on the bed. I thought, “oh my word. It’s a rat!” On my second look, I realised that it was a new-born baby. Once outside, I cried and cried. I felt as though I was putting a plaster on a gaping wound. I remember uttering a simple prayer: “Lord, if it is your will, let me be an influence to the influencers.” Unbeknown to me that simple prayer would turn my life upside down.

After several prophecies from visiting guest speakers, I was released from the church leadership team to enter the political arena. I didn’t have a clue of what to do! I just started to show up to meetings and campaigns. I stood in a local election and took part in a political mentoring course. Over time, I felt that God was saying that I shouldn’t pursue elected office for He had a unique role for me that would combine my twenty years of church ministry experience with my passion for politics.

I am now the Director of Christians on the Left. I have the unique opportunity of walking along the corridors of power in Westminster. I influence 2500 Christians in the Labour Party, over 40 MPs and even the leader of the Labour Party. I spend part of my week in parliament, meeting politicians; praying and prophesying over them. The rest of my time is spent resourcing and encouraging Christians to show up; to be salt and light in the political arena God has called them to.

My forties have been a decade of reinvention. I am not sure what God has in store for me, but I am confident that it is good.

Louise Davies – Sheffield

I joined Hope City Church four years ago, coming out from the mainstream evangelical church.

It was a stream of church I never felt a part of. I would attend church on Sundays, participate in the odd church programme but felt alienated and didn’t feel included within the church family. I did not sing, was not very sociable and my busy schedule with my work did not allow me to get involved in the weekday activities at church. I knew I was extremely blessed and was grateful, but I still felt that I was not serving God well. 

As the owner of a successful Interior Design and Construction firm, I was always cognisant of the role my faith had in my workplace. My aim was always to focus on being a positive influence to my staff and clients.

My mother’s life and that of her family had been dedicated to the service of God in the traditional sense: preaching, mentoring etc. and I’d always had a yearning to do the same. On a chance visit to a Hope City Church service; I saw the need to build a new stage and to revamp the ‘Connects Corner’ and jumped at the chance to help. I stepped in because I had the experience to do it and even though I had not decided at that point to be a member of the Church, I guess at that time I just wanted to fit in. As a result, I felt a part of the team working there and felt a sense of belonging for the first time. 

When the opportunity came up last year for the church to find our present new location and build from scratch, I knew I had finally found my space to be of service to God.

I found relevance in Proverbs 22:29 which tells us “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men”. Every time I see the auditorium filled and see new members, I feel truly grateful that He gave me the privilege and honor of building His church. I now fully understand what that verse means to me!

As Christians, it is very important for us to realise that our gifts and talents are not always for accumulating money but there are opportunities to use them to expand God’s ministry. 

Leo Buscalgia, says “Your talent is God’s gift to you and what you do with it is your gift to God”. I recognise this, that God is the one who gives us the conviction and the talents to pursue a career, and He is able to draw out our potential even in the oddest situations in our lives. 

The most difficult part of that journey will be how to get there, stay there and be relevant in our Christian walk and service to God. Let’s all grasp the bigger picture and be  our true self so that we can be an influence in Hope City. Our church motto of “Be You” goes further than just the slogan, it means that we should be influencers with whatever God has placed in us. We can change the face of Christianity throughout the nations.

Adoma Sarpong – Accra 

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