Future Proof – Dave Gilpin

6016 4016 Gomolemo Nyakale

This message takes the listener through the 7 things upon which your future depends and lands on- ‘The dreams you declare will never die’. On this point Dave Gilpin digresses…

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The Stand – Jenny Gilpin

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Cry Me A River Part Deux – Dave Gilpin

5546 4016 Gomolemo Nyakale

Psalm 46 states, ‘There is a river that makes glad the City of God.’ The river of God in your life is unstoppable. It will never run out and will…

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Cry Me A River – Dave Gilpin

5546 4016 Gomolemo Nyakale

Whether you call yourself an introvert, shy, quiet or just plain reserved, there’s a New You that supersedes the Natural You times a thousand. The bible says that you’re not…

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Mending Fences – Dave Gilpin

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Fences are good- good for privacy, good for personal time and good for protection. To love someone is to love their fence. To love their fence is to allow them…

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The Voice: Calling Your Future – Dave Gilpin

5926 3204 Gomolemo Nyakale

Chaos marked the beginning of creation. Chaos always exists between what was and what is to come. To usher in what was to come, God spoke. He didn’t just think.…

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The Meaning Of Life – Dave Gilpin

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To have a life of meaning is the primary driver of human souls. To do this, tables must turn, saying goodbyes must happen, storm clouds are ushered and reinventions begun.…

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Chaos Theory – Dave Gilpin

5588 4016 Gomolemo Nyakale

Why does all hell seem to break loose soon after you get a word or a feeling that God is about to do a new thing in your world? It…

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Inklings – Dave Gilpin

5536 4016 Gomolemo Nyakale

Your inner desires are completely linked to the will of God for your future. If you delight in Him, the Bible says, He will grant you the desires of your…

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Slow Is The New Perfect – Dave Gilpin

2000 1753 Gomolemo Nyakale

The Kingdom of God is like SLOW TV- it’s like 7 hours 23 minutes of Salmon fishing in Norway on NETFLIX. Even the analogy Jesus gave of seeds being planted…

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You Don’t Know You – Dave Gilpin

2000 1201 Gomolemo Nyakale

Becoming conscious of the deep unconscious part of your being is the start of everything. It’s the truest you, the essential you, the vital you. Paul calls it your inner…

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