The Waverley Dream

Our vision is to create a twenty-first century Cathedral that will be known across Britain for its care into every strata of society, its reviving Christian influence across the North of England and for its excellent partnership with business and entertainment world.

We have taken our role as artisans of God seriously and have imagined a fabric for the future that will not only touch a generation but leave a legacy for generations, born out of the intimate weaving of creativity, mercy and faith.

Our vision is both to create a 1200 seater auditorium for the people of South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire as well as create a community centre that will assist people in every stage of life from the cradle to the grave. We’re making plans for everything from parenting classes, and ESOL classes, through to youth clubs and everything related to an on-site chapel.

It’s both a Cathedral that rises tall and mighty in the North as well as a Cathedral with corridors stretching into the marginalised and invisible in our worlds.

The 7 Vision Centres

The Waverley Dream is not just about creating a building but creating seven Vision Centres that touch all generations and all people across our community. This is our dream of what could happen.