God at Work – Live Each Day With Purpose

God at Work – Live Each Day With Purpose

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God called each of us to a work place. God created work not just for the sake of work but because He is interested in the work we do. We each have gifts which equip us for our work, but when we realise that our workplace gives God pleasure, he wants us to be there, then we can live life at it’s very best.

Ken is a Christian Banker and the founder and author of “God at Work”. Having studied philosophy and law in Johannesburg, Ken moved to London to further study law and theology at Cambridge. Ken now has 40 years experience in the financial sector, was the Chairman of Alpha International, Churchwarden of Holy Trinity Brompton and a trustee for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund UK. One of Ken’s passions is to break the divide between the sacred and the secular, believes God created work and the work place is the place to which God has called us.

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