How long does a service go for and what can I expect?

Our services run for 90 minutes.

Where do I park?

There is ample parking at the Megacentre. Our Super Stewards will direct you where to go!

What happens for kids during the service?

We have Whizz Tots for children aged 1 (who are confidently walking) to 2, Whizz Juniors for children aged 3-4, and Whizz Kids for 5 to 11 year olds. You will sign your child in to the programme before the start of the main service (check in opens 15 minutes before the service is due to start) and they will have a blast with our brilliant Whizz Kids Teams! Then you can collect your child after the service.

The Ignite programme for 12-13 year olds runs during the service – head to the Neon Youth stand inside the Auditorium for more information when you arrive!

I have a baby – is there a parenting rooms?

Yes, The Cradle is available during all services for parents with babies under 1. There is a live feed from the main service so you don’t miss out!

What time should I get to church?

Aim to arrive around 15 minutes before the service so you have time to park your car, check-in your kids to Whizz Kids and find your seat.

Can I sit anywhere?

Yes our friendly host team are there to help you find a seat.

What do I have to wear, and do I have to bring anything?

Come as you are, you could bring a Bible and notepad for taking notes if you want to.

Do you have disabled parking and seating?

Yes, we do. Our car park team will direct you to the nearest disabled parking. Our hosts in the building will escort you to seating.

Do I have to pay to attend church, or will I be asked for money at any time during my visit?

Everyone is welcome to attend church and there is no cost to attend. We do receive an offering as part of our services which is entirely free-will. No one is under compulsion to give at any time!

Can I let someone know I’m coming?

Of course! You can Plan Your Visit and we will save a car parking space for you and one of the pastoral team will meet you and say hi.