Business Colab – The Shape of You

Business Colab – The Shape of You

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We talk a lot about hope, helping and teamwork. Our whole message is that we are more powerful together.

Victoria Osteen

Today’s business culture is very ‘me-centric’- what am I achieving? Am I meeting the goals of the business? How can I improve? It is so easy to get caught up in this thinking when you work for your own business or a team that is spread across the UK or Europe.

Michael Jordan, a famous basketball player, says that talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. Teamwork is significant to the success of YOU in the marketplace! Whether it is meeting with a mentor, other colleagues or even a group Skype call- working with others is significant and more powerful!

Jon Colman, the Director of Red Vanilla Consultants, believes in the development of leaders & managers, improving customer experience and the importance of people work together. He will be presenting an evening called The Shape of You- Optimum Team Performance focusing on the significance of YOU in the marketplace and the power of creating an optimum team.

The workshop is aimed at those in the workplace or in business who want to up their game.  It’s designed for those who want to consider change or a new direction.  It’s designed equally for those who simply want to get clarity for the road ahead and for all life throws your way.

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The Business Colab is the marketplace and workplace community of Hope City Church.  We believe that you are called to excel in all you do.  We believe that your workplace calling either as a professional, leader, manager or business entrepreneur is not heaven’s afterthought.  Your 9-5 is an intrinsic part of God’s plan for your life.  We’re here to celebrate you and your calling!  You are born for influence, for impact and to bring increase into God’s house.  Come and be a part of the Colab.

Entry includes refreshments and a hot buffet meal, plenty of networking opportunities and input from our guest speaker.

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Red Vanilla was formed by Jon Colman in 2003. Jon works with a small team of other experienced learning and development professionals to help design and deliver our learning and development programmes. Jon is an outstanding communicator with years of knowledge and experience.

Sarah Dunys

Sarah is married to Joe, and has worked in most areas of Hope City Church, from finance to Academy to City Hearts, and as PA to Ps Dave Gilpin. She now spends her days running around after three gorgeous boys and is Teams & Volunteers Pastor at Hope City Sheffield.

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