Hope City Church – Liverpool

Hope City Church - Liverpool

Lisa Stoner

Hear the latest messages from Pastor David Stoner, preached live at Hope City Church, Liverpool. Our vision is to be a life-changing, faith-filled, world-impacting church bringing hope to this generation. For more information visit www.hopecitychurch.tv





The Mountain

Edward Newton, David Stoner

Ps Ed Newton shares an incredible story of faith found through the real life tragedy of his brother's life being lost on the slopes of Ben Nevis.

Dare To Dream - Ps Andrew Hoyes

David Stoner

Everything we accomplish tomorrow started with a dream today - It's time to get up and start dreaming again, even when adversity states you should stay down! Listen in as guest speaker Ps Andrew Hoyes from Resurgent Church, Montreal, teaches us how to dream bigger than ever before and how when we do, big things happen. Learn to dream again - we dare you!

Life Unhidden

David Stoner

Love and Life Stories

Lisa Stoner

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we hear from Gary and Helen, Eduardo and Sarah and Rachael on how to master relationships together, dealing with conflict and keeping Jesus central in amongst the ups and downs of life.

Stride Out - Ps Beth Blois

Beth Blois

Pastor Beth Blois brings an inspiring message about taking distance; The drive phase of tiring and effort is over, we are now hitting our stride, it's no longer about powering on, but time to stride out!

A Spectacular Inconvenience - Ps Jo Willis

Jo Willis

Hope City Sheffield's Student & Young Adults Pastor Jo Willis brings a great message on how the point of our faith is not for comfort and convenience, but through faith and inconvenience, we can experience the spectacular!

Own It 2: Head In The Right Direction

David Stoner

Listen in as Pastor David Stoner continues the preaching series Own It. God's heart for us this year is that we would know what we own this year, starting with a renewing of our mind and owning our thought life.

Own It 1: Inhabit Your Inheritance

David Stoner

The New Year brings about it resolutions to change the old habits and bring in the new ones, but God's interested in what you choose to inhabit this year. Listen in to the first of the series to find out how we can inhabit who we are in God, the purposes He has for us and how we can live in it daily this year.

Learning To Fly

David Stoner

The Wise Ones Keep a Jar Full

David Stoner

God has incredibles plan for life, both in the city and regions around you, but it's not meant to happen without YOU! The plans will happen anyway, but they're not supposed to be missing you from them! It's God's intention to get you on the inside so you don't miss out on being part of these amazing plans - listen in now to find out how!

Room Service - Ps Dave Gilpin

Dave Gilpin

God's house has many rooms and He's designated a space just for you; He's ready to make you feel comfortable and He's waiting to show you round! Listen in now to find out the blueprint of God's house and how we can step right in and find the space he's created.

Reborn to be Wild

David Stoner

Our life in Jesus is so much bigger - we're reborn for a purpose and it's designed to be lived with a sense of adventure! Discover how to explore all God has for you, see your horizons expand and live the life that God has marked out for you!

Who Do You Think You Are? - Ps Jen Baker

Jen Baker

Our identity is found fully in Jesus Christ and once we find and walk in this identity, we find ourselves in a complete peace. Listen in to find out how to avoid the distractions, stand against the things that try to knock us down and pick up the tools that allow us to walk in our true identity!

See The Miracle Part 3

Lisa Stoner

As we launch in to September, we start a new series at Hope City Liverpool to help us See the Miracle in our own lives.

See The Miracle Part 2

David Stoner

As we launch in to September, we start a new series at Hope City Liverpool to help us See the Miracle in our own lives. In Part 2, learn how to remove the obstructions in our own vision that stop us seeing exactly as God wants us to and position yourself to see the miracles in our lives!

See The Miracle Part 1

David Stoner

As we launch in to September, we start a new series at Hope City Liverpool to help us See the Miracle in our own lives. In Part 1, learn how to stretch your vision to be beyond yourself to propel yourself in to the miracles we'll see!

Failing Forwards

Dave Gilpin

Senior Pastor Dave Gilpin joins us with an insightful and empowering message about the nature of success. All success is based out of failure - when we open ourselves up to the greatest chance of failure, we also expose ourselves to the greatest opportunity for success!

The Vibe

David Stoner

Seek and Find - Ps Lisa Stoner

Lisa Stoner

Our mandate on earth is to see our world saved and connected with Jesus - it's time for us to open our world and seek out the lost. Find out how to reach out to the people in your world, how to deal with the previous failed attempts and the 7 stages to seeing your friends and family saved.

Remove The Ceiling

David Stoner

There's way more to our lives that we realise but we can become capped by the ceilings in our lives. Learn how to overcome the ceilings of inconvenience, breakthrough the mindsets that hold us back and learn how to smash through the times when we feel like we just can't be bothered.

Roll Up - Lance Gordon

Lance Gordon

Youth Pastor of Hope City Sheffield, Lance Gordon, brings an encouraging word to replace our fear with love, in order to create change within our lives.

The High Life Series: Part 2 - This Way Up - Ps Lisa Stoner

Lisa Stoner

God wants you to rise in life to the best you can be in all situations. From the life of Daniel, learn how to stand strong for God in our culture and your circumstances and set yourself up for His promotions.

Immovable Pt 2

David Stoner

No matter what we come up against, whatever the opposition, we can in what Jesus is saying over our lives and believe that above everything else. Discover in part 2 how we can continue to trust, regardless of if His timings meet ours and how we can stand stronger even when the heat gets turned up!


David Stoner

You're not made to be moved around by the winds and waves of life but that through trusting in Jesus, we'd become IMMOVABLE - people of faith and conviction. Grab a hold of how we re-focus our eyes on to Him, navigate our lives around the difficulties we face daily and how we ultimately become immovable.

Effortlessness - Ps Dave Gilpin

Dave Gilpin

There's a new season ahead and we can breeze right in to it. While we over complicate, God wants us to find the ease in it! It's time to put an end to the ineffectiveness of the blunt tools, to stop the self-administration that brings exhaustion and instead find renewal from God where we find ourself at the cutting edge!

When Mercy Wins - Ps Lisa Stoner

Lisa Stoner

We find ourselves set apart from the world when we operate in a way the world doesn't. The world isn't merciful, it's quick to point the finger at the wrongdoers, but God's house oozes with mercy for the broken and torn apart. Learn how we can look to what people are rather than what they've done and show mercy to each and every one in our lives, just as God does to us!

If You Expect It, You Prepare For It

David Stoner

In our life, when we expect something to happen, we take steps to prepare for it. God is up to something incredible in our lives and as a life lived with God, we should be preparing for what we expect God to do in it. If we are expecting God to bring our family and friends to Him, we've got to prepare for it, too! Learn how we can take steps of preparation and become expectant for what God has in store!

Trouble The Teacher

David Stoner

When doubt creeps in and situations seem dead, it's time to bother the teacher and substitute the diagnosis of doubt over your situations with the prognosis of God's word over it. God has not finished yet. Discover how we can redefine situations that seem are on the edge of giving up as the very threshold of the sleeping miracle moment of God awaiting to be awakened when we keep troubling the the teacher.

Words to Build a Life On - Ps Lisa Stoner

Lisa Stoner

With the power to literally transform your life, the Word of God is essential for living your best life. Discover how to make the most of the living and active scriptures found in the pages of your bible. You'll never be the same!

Uprising - Ps Karen Gorman

Karen Gorman

The resurrection of Jesus changed everything - the very worst of what the enemy could offer, death; Jesus beat it! Jesus rose again and we've got a new life to live in Him! Discover how we can become a revolutionary: One that takes the truth of the Word of God and walks in to that new life, shaking off the grave clothes of our past on the way.

Valentine's Day Life Stories

David Stoner, Lisa Stoner

Catch all the juicy details as Pastor Dave and Lisa Stoner share the secrets of their 20 year relationship. Be inspired as they share how God put together two people that don't have it all together and how believing in God and each other daily, they saw God come through again and again.

Zag Zig - Making the Impossible Possible - Ps Dave Gilpin

Dave Gilpin

75% of everything that you think is impossible is not impossible. If all you can think is Zig then Zag, you'll be hampered all of your life by the feelings that things are just not possible! God more often than not calls us to Zag Zig. Creativity can break the code to 75% of your impossibility. This message is made for you.

Out of the Deep

David Stoner

You Belong Here

David Stoner


David Stoner

The church is designed to be a community. Discover how, by believing in each other and working together, we can be stronger than we are as individuals. Let’s set some squad goals and see what we can accomplish together.

Starting Well

Lisa Stoner

God's begun a work in us that he'll always see to completion but sometimes the hardest part for us is starting! Some things are new beginnings and the best way to get moving is just to.. well.. start! Find out how to start well, what prevents us from getting moving and how we keep going when things get tough!

We're Never Going Back

David Stoner

We're not called to live an average life but we're called to prove the promises of God true - we're called to not look back on what was but to step over the line that stands between where we've been and where we're going! Find out now what we're never going back to and how we walk in to the better days God has ahead of us!

Finding Your Next Level

David Stoner

God has another level for us and it's far more than we've been thinking or asking about. Find out what the next-level-you looks like, what stops you getting there and how to overcome those things!

500 Shades of Grace

Dave Gilpin

The only time to ever learn about grace is when you've been bad. Being good is too ambiguous for the human heart to work out if you're favoured because of His love or because of your works. This teaching outlines the difference in order to set you free.

The Answer

David Stoner

When Jesus sees the crowds, he's not overwhelmed by the size of the problem, he sees an incredible opportunity... We're The Answer for our city... Find out how!


David Stoner

It's time for a relationship revolution in your walk with God! You're made for face-to-face time with Him. Discover how to overcome the obstacles that stop you taking advantage of this incredible, empowering opportunity.

Gideon: A Hero Is Rising

David Stoner

Lead Pastor David Stoner preaches the third part of Urban Heroes, a series looking at inspirational accounts from the bible, and applying them to our modern day lives.


David Stoner

Lead Pastor David Stoner preaches the second part of Urban heroes, a series looking at inspirational accounts from the bible, and applying them to our modern day lives.

Deborah and Barak

David Stoner

Lead Pastor David Stoner starts a new preach series called Urban Heroes, taking a look at inspirational accounts from the bible of people who still impact and influence our lives today.

God For Growth

Lisa Stoner

Part of the Faith Season live from Hope City Liverpool.