Hope City Church – Jenny Gilpin

Hope City Church - Jenny Gilpin

Jenny Gilpin

Jenny Gilpin, along with her husband Dave, is the Senior Pastor of Hope City Church with congregations in Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham, Lancashire, Accra, Frankfurt, London and Kuala Lumpur. Jenny hosts the annual She Is Women’s conference with women coming from around the UK and the world and has also pioneered a ministry called ‘City Hearts’ for women in the UK and Europe. She has a huge heart to see broken women restored as well as those who have become victims of human trafficking find justice and freedom. You can find out more at the website www.city-hearts.co.uk. For more information about Hope City Church visit http://www.hopecitychurch.tv





The Sound of the Future

Jenny Gilpin

The sound of our words, the sound of our generosity, the sound of our feet, each create the sound of our future. When you speak, speak faith.

The Hidden You

Jenny Gilpin

In everything we go through, we are faced with two options: to either harden our heart, or to open our heart. Often we choose to harden our hearts because we don't want people to know the real 'us', the flawed 'us'. The truth is that God knows us better than we know ourselves and loves us unconditionally despite our flaws. When the church grabs a hold of this truth and commits to transparency, we can start to see transformation in people's lives.

The Bodyguard (Prophetic Ministry)

Jenny Gilpin

Jenny Gilpin combines prophecy with preaching to create a unique and fresh outpouring of power and authority. This was recorded at Hope City Sheffield in the second of our morning services.

Moving Day

Jenny Gilpin

Have you ever wondered what life would look like if you lived in the middle of your dreams? In this message, Pastor Jenny will inspire you to move from today’s lodging place into your spacious place of tomorrow. If you want know more of God's vision for your life and your world, this message is for you!

Taken By Grace

Jenny Gilpin

This is Pastor Jenny’s real life story, from her adoption at a few days old to finding out the stark and painful truth about how she came into the world. As Jenny found out more about her earthly family, she discovered what the Father Heart of God truly is and how we are all forever held by grace.

Scratch The Itch

Jenny Gilpin

Sometimes the Holy Spirit works with an ‘itch’; a thought that we can’t shake off, a reoccurring dream. Here, Pastor Jenny tells about the ‘itch’ that God placed in her life for women with life-controlling issues and brokenness, and how a one small ‘itch’ has become a world-impacting ministry. This is the story of the birth of City Hearts.

The Unseen Script

Jenny Gilpin

The Unseen Script of your life is set behind the scenes of your future. In this message Senior Pastor Jenny Gilpin invites you to step out in faith and become a child of the invisible.

How Good Do You Want To Be?

Jenny Gilpin, Dave Gilpin

Dave and Jenny Gilpin, Senior Pastors of Hope City Church, outline their thoughts for the future and how to maximise your creativity to take your world for Christ.

The Turquoise Side Of The Moon

Jenny Gilpin

Pastor Jenny takes us on a journey of her personal revelation that when life seems its hardest, and we seem our weakest, that’s when God’s glory can shine through the brightest. This is a message of transformation and hope for your life.

It's Time To Take Residence - Live from Leeds

Jenny Gilpin

Sometimes it feels like God is a million miles away as we go through hard times; in this message, Pastor Jenny presents an invincible summer that can arise within you during your darker days. You will find out how every part of your today is a preparation for God’s beautiful intentions for your tomorrow.