Calling all 11-17s! Every fortnight we have super fun-filled socials for you and your friends! Checkout the dates below and see you there!

85 City Road | NE1 2AQ

7th September: Neon Hangouts // Neon does the Apprentice
Lord Sugar will see you now. Come along and show off you culinary skills in this edition of Neon does the Apprentice. Do you have what it takes?

21st September: Neon Fridays // Love Yourself
We live in a world that sends all kinds of messages about identity! We want to let you know how awesome you really are and help you find your identity in Christ! Our Neon Fridays are awesome! Come along for tribe wars and this week we will be talking all about self worth and identity.

5th October: Neon Hangouts // Crack the Code
Can you crack the code? It’s time to put your knowledge and skills to test!

19th October: Neon Fridays // Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Ever wondered about the concept of love? Well so have we! Tonight we want to talk all about love, what is it, where does it come from, are there different kinds of love. Come and join us for tribe wars before we dive into this topic.

4th November (SUNDAY): Neon Hangouts // Bonfire Social
We are moving Neon Youth to Sunday for bonfire night! Location tbc but we will keep you updated!

16th November: Neon Fridays // She Is: The Gathering / SWAG
We are celebrating our lovely ladies! Girls, come along for a night full of fun! Guys, why not come along to help out and serve our wonderful ladies!

30th November: Neon Hangouts // Youth Take Over
Youth, are you ready!? This night is for YOU! You get to call all the shots! What will you make our leaders do!?

14th December: Neon Hangouts // Christmas Party Sleepover
What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a sleepover spending the night watching Christmas films! Such fun!

11th January: Neon Hangouts // Youth vs. Leader
Time to kick of the new year with our annual youth vs leaders! Our leaders won in 2018, who will claim the title in 2019…?

25th January: Neon Fridays // F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Our Neon Fridays are awesome! Come along for tribe wars and this week we will be talking about how to be an incredible friend.


Every fortnight during our 10:30am Sunday Service, we have Ignite happening for all 11-17s. This is an opportunity to dive into the Bible to find out what it says about real-life stuff and how it applies to our life. Come at 10 for a 10:30am start and enjoy the first part of the service. We’ll head out during the service for Ignite. Why not bring a friend along.