Neon Youth

For all 11s-17s

We have loads happening every fortnight just for you. Join us from 7pm-9pm at 85 City Road, NE1 2AQ

Checkout the dates below and see you there!

6th September: Neon Fridays // Squad Goals

New school year, new vision! The next term is upon us and we’re ready for another incredible season of Neon Youth! The friendships and relationships we build over the next year are so crucial – so come along and find out how to surround yourself with the right people to make this your best year yet!

20th September: Neon Hangouts // Games Night

Who doesn’t love a competition??? Bring your friends and a competitive (but gracious!) spirit and get ready to do battle in a variety of games!

4th October: Neon Fridays // Who Do You Think You Are?

In a world that wants us to ‘fit in’ and constantly drives us towards comparison, God wants us to find our identity in Him. Come along on Friday night to find out who God says YOU are!

18th October: Neon Fridays // Let It Go

As humans, we all wrestle with guilt about things we’ve done in the past. God has come to free us from our mistakes so we can have life to the full! On Friday we’ll learn more about God’s forgiveness and how it is available to everyone! See you there!

1st November: Neon Hangouts // Bonfire Night Bonanza

It’s bonfire season! Be ready for campfire vibes, good music and toasted marshmallows! But make sure you wrap up warm!

15th November: Neon Fridays // Slaying Your Dragon

The devil attacks us in many different ways, and sometimes it can feel like we’re losing the battle in our spiritual warfare. On Friday we will have a look at some of the battles we face and how, in God, we are able to combat them!

29th November: Neon Fridays // Spiritual Gifts

When Jesus left the Earth, he left the Holy Spirit for us, to empower us and enable us to live the life he has called us to. Come along and learn all about the Gifts of the Spirit, and what they mean for us today!

13th December: Neon Hangouts // Ice Skating

It’s that time of year again! Our last Neon before Christmas and what better way to finish than with a trip to the Ice Rink! We can’t wait to end the term on a high! Get your skates on!

Whitley Bay Ice Rink
NE25 8HP

10th January: Neon Fridays // 2020 Vision

Who’s got a New Year’s Resolution? Setting goals is so important, so come along this Friday and find out how to set the right ones to be the best version of yourself in 2020!

24th January: Neon Fridays // Relationship with God

Life can get so busy – with school, relationships, distractions – it can feel like we’re moving at 100mph. Sometimes we need to slow down and remind ourselves where our focus should be. This Friday we’ll find out how!


Every fortnight during our 10:30am Sunday Service, we have Ignite happening for all 11-17s. This is an opportunity to dive into the Bible to find out what it says about real-life stuff and how it applies to our life. Come at 10 for a 10:30am start and enjoy the first part of the service. We’ll head out during the service for Ignite. Why not bring a friend along.