Neon Youth

For all 11s-17s

Every fortnight we have super fun-filled socials for you and your friends!

Checkout the dates below and see you there!

22nd February: SHE IS Conference or Neon Hangouts // Bowling Bash

Come for She Is Daughters down in Sheffield. If not, ARE YOU READY!? It’s game on! We can’t wait to play a round or two of ten pin bowling. Who will come out as the bowling champion?

8th March: Neon Fridays // Swipe Right

Relationships: it’s something that we are all thinking about. They can be great, but they can be complicated and messy too. We know that relationships can be tough, especially as a teen that’s why we want to help you navigate your relationships and help you discover all that God wants for you and your relationships.

22nd March: Neon Hangouts // The Chase

Youth, do you have what it takes to beat our leaders in the ultimate quiz showdown!

4th April: Neon Fridays // The Dark Side

We live in a world that is sending out so many different messgaes, how do we know what to listen to? We can be surrounded by temptation and unsure of how we can be the positive influence in our worlds. We want to help you step out boldly in faith in your worlds. Come along to hear all that Jesus has for you and how with his strength we can stand up to temptation and be a positive influence to those around us!

19th April: Neon Hangouts // PJ Party

We can’t wait to throw on our pjs and just hang out! We will have games, FIFA, movies, and all sorts of chilled out fun things for you to do. We can’t wait!


Every fortnight during our 10:30am Sunday Service, we have Ignite happening for all 11-17s. This is an opportunity to dive into the Bible to find out what it says about real-life stuff and how it applies to our life. Come at 10 for a 10:30am start and enjoy the first part of the service. We’ll head out during the service for Ignite. Why not bring a friend along.