Neon Youth

For all 11s-17s

With all that’s happening around COVID-19 (Coronavirus), all our public gatherings are currently suspended. Do check out the details below for future information and join us for our Online Sunday Experience each week at 10am at 

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10th January: Neon Fridays // 2020 Vision

Who’s got a New Year’s Resolution? Setting goals is so important, so come along this Friday and find out how to set the right ones to be the best version of yourself in 2020!

24th January: Neon Fridays // Walls Come Down

Worship is putting God first! We talk a lot about worshipping God, but that doesn’t just mean when we raise our hands and sing during the slow songs at church, it is so much more than that! Romans 12:1 says, “True worship is what happens when we offer ourselves as a pleasing sacrifice to God.” We’ll dive deeper into this on Friday!!

7th February: Neon Fridays // Who Do You Think You Are?

In a world that wants us to ‘fit in’ and constantly drives us towards comparison, God wants us to find our identity in Him. Come along on Friday night to find out who God says YOU are!

21st February: Neon Hangout // Pancake Party

It’s nearly Pancake Day! NEON YOUTH, we’re going to be cooking, flipping and OF COURSE eating some delicious pancakes, alongside plenty of fun, games and music. Invite your friends!

6th March: Neon Fridays // God Is... Part 1

Who is God? Can we really define Him? This Friday we will be talking all about who ‘God is’, and we will take a look at some important and specific attributes of God and what those mean for our lives.

20th March : Neon Fridays // God Is... Part 2

Life can get so busy – with school, relationships, distractions – it can feel like we’re moving at 100mph. Sometimes we need to slow down and remind ourselves where our focus should be – on our relationship with Him. This Friday we’ll find out how to truly pursue our relationship with God.

3rd April: Neon Hangout// Bowling!

STRIKE! The Easter holidays are upon us, and we’ll be kicking them off in style, with a friendly but competitive night of bowling. We can’t wait!

24th April: Neon Fridays // Keeping it real...Maturity

Life is made up of good days and harder days. What defines us is how we react to those harder days. This Friday, we will be learning about the right & mature way to handle adversity. Not complaining or quitting, we can rather develop perseverance as testing times make us stronger, wiser and more prepared for the future. We’re not simply going to GO through trials, we’re going to GROW through them.

8th May: Neon Fridays // Keeping it real...Authenticity

What is it that makes a Christian a Christian? And how can we live as authentic Christians? In a world that can try and tell us how we should live and what we should value, how can our lives tell a different story? How can we live authentically for Jesus?

22nd May: Neon Hangout // Open Mic Quiz Night

This Friday, come along and put your knowledge to the test with our Neon Youth Quiz! Plus, win points for your team by performing on stage in between rounds! You don’t want to miss it!

5th June: Neon Youth // Inside Out

Each of us can choose whether to let our emotions build us up, or tear us down. This week, we will be talking about how we can tackle our negative emotions so they don’t take over what God has in store for us.

19th - 20th June: Neon Getaway // Youth Getaway

Freedom! Neon Youth, our one-night getaway has arrived! A weekend of fun, team-building and friendly competition awaits! Get your sleeping bags ready!!

3rd July: Neon Youth // Ignite your faith

Faith is a big deal! Especially when you’re a teenager. When we’re young, we can find ourselves constantly looking ahead and wondering what’s next. This week, we’ll be exploring what real faith looks like as we learn to trust God with our futures.

17th July: Neon Hangout // Summer BBQ

Summer is here! Neon Youth, we will miss our Friday nights together over the Summer, but we’re going to end the term with a bang and a proper British Summertime tradition! We’ll fire up the barbie, see you soon!


Every fortnight during our 10:30am Sunday Service, we have Ignite happening for all 11-17s. This is an opportunity to dive into the Bible to find out what it says about real-life stuff and how it applies to our life. Come at 10 for a 10:30am start and enjoy the first part of the service. We’ll head out during the service for Ignite. Why not bring a friend along.